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Do you have any family members who have died while serving the U.S. in the Armed Forces?

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05/28/12 7:21 pm

great uncle killed a few days after WWII officially ended, shot will looking out the top of his tank.

05/31/12 9:44 pm

I have an ancestor who died in the war of roses. Apparently that counts.

SoCalSon SoKal
05/28/12 7:23 pm

One of my relatives came back from Vietnam a vegetable after he was exposed to way too much agent orange. Very sad

05/28/12 2:11 pm

Many served and they all came back.

hippiedude fields of green
05/28/12 2:36 pm

I never met them but they were my grandpops dad and i think uncle

amistad Columbus, OH
05/28/12 7:40 pm

Thankfully, not within my lifetime. We lost an ancestor in the civil war...

05/31/12 5:14 pm

Yes- an uncle in the USAF. His chute opened- but the North Vietnamese never admitted to having him.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/29/12 1:33 am

Thankfully, no. But my utmost respect goes to the fallen, and my utmost gratitude goes to their families for their sacrifice.

zello Pennsylvania
05/28/12 7:50 pm

My one ancestor served in the civil war. He survived. Both my paps in the Korean war. they survived. My paps dad(great grandfather) died a couple days after returning home from ww2 a sergeant. Another relative that was a private returned alive from ww2. My uncle also served, as a airforce pilot

zello Pennsylvania
05/28/12 7:50 pm

I hope to join the airforce one day...

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
05/28/12 2:42 pm

No none of my friends either(vietnam) era,my ships were never attacked in the medi or caribbean never th ought they would be. Came close to Russian ships though.

zello Pennsylvania
05/28/12 7:51 pm

I meant my pap's dad's brother died after ww2

PetePuma Oregon
05/28/12 7:51 pm

I answered no, based on the question being an immediate or close family member. But extended family, yes. My cousin, and my great uncles.

05/28/12 2:52 pm

No but my hubby is a disabled vet & his dad died from cancer related to agent orange. It was years later so I don't count that.

dabrat East Coast
05/28/12 2:58 pm

No, thankfully, but I want to thank every service person out there for their sacrifice for me and our country. We'd be nowhere w/o You!

05/28/12 2:58 pm

not that I know though, but God bless our heros!

05/28/12 3:00 pm

Generations served, all lived thankfully

gd21 Massachusetts
05/29/12 11:31 am

Technically yes, but he died in America off duty, not in war. So I voted no

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
06/06/12 4:03 pm

My grandfather had him and four brothers in WWII and all came home.
All five of them were on the front lines and two were at Normandy.
The Greatest Generation.

05/28/12 3:12 pm

Thanks to all that have served us

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/07/12 7:03 am

My cousin died while having a pillow war. Does that count?

05/29/12 12:01 pm

My uncle was a paratrooper in WWII and he was shot down in Germany

05/28/12 10:41 am

First!! And yes :( they died proudly though

lmurder MDK
05/28/12 8:21 pm

Grandpa served in the 101st airborne and came home in one piece.
Uncle was a Navy SEAL in team 3.
And I served in the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger regiment.
It's good to be a Fuller! Some shrapnel but that's it!

05/28/12 10:51 am

Thank you to all the families for supporting our soldiers and sacrificing so much for the defense of our nation. Thanks to the soldiers and vets as well.

05/28/12 10:52 am

Hmm my grandfathers both served in World War 2 but neither actually saw combat...however I have an ancestor who was wounded at Shiloh in the Civil War. Although my ancestors have fought in most US wars none died as far as I know.

05/28/12 10:52 am

@Fresh1 - Very well said, I second that.

05/28/12 10:54 am

***Ron Paul got more money from the troops than all the other candidates put together! THINK ABOUT THAT PEOPLE!***

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/28/12 8:43 pm

All the men on my dad's side minus my brother (called to preach) and me (type 1 diabetes) served. Several men on my mom's side served as well. Some were wounded but none killed.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/28/12 11:02 am

No but I am endlessly grateful for their sacrifice. My dad and hubby served but both came home thank Gid.

05/28/12 11:03 am

More importantly Romney has a really aggressive stance on using our men to go into Iran and stuff. Both will use them for UN interests.

But seriously I don't think this comment section should get political. Im not gonna post here anymore.

Just thanks to our service members.

05/28/12 4:06 pm

god bless all our troops past and present, and thank you

05/28/12 11:08 am

Thankfully they have all made it back

monkeyy Ohio
06/01/12 9:15 pm

No but I believe that my grandpa and great grandma or something were in the air force.

WhoDat Missouri
05/28/12 11:15 am

I'm sure someone has somewhere down the line, but thankfully none of my close family..

05/28/12 4:44 pm

Yes, Goldy, Revolutionary and Civil War both count.

05/28/12 4:47 pm

I thank you for their sacrifice, God Bless you all.

05/28/12 11:22 am

"There on the front line, [our troops] are dying, and they don't even know what they are dying for." ~Ron Paul
***End the Wars***Bring our Troops Home***Lead by Example***Not by Force***Ron Paul 2012***

Justus Pensacola, FL
05/29/12 7:20 am

My uncle John Justus was killed by a mortar in the Philippines in 1945. 169th Infantry Regiment 43rd ID.

05/28/12 11:29 am

Thanks Fresh--this thread should remain non-political. Thank you to all who are serving and have served in the past. Thank you to the families who have sacrificed their loved ones for all of us. Words cannot express the depth and breadth of the gratitude in my heart as I write this.

05/28/12 9:10 pm

I lost a great great uncle I never met in World War 2. they say the tank he was in got blown up.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
05/28/12 5:16 pm

I have family members who have served, but none who have died.