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Priceless Kentucky
10/02/11 1:09 pm

I went for l'oreal for the hair color :) u can keep all of the rest!

T0nyiPhone Oregon
10/02/11 10:03 am

Sorry guys - gotta put one out there for the ladies once in a while too. :-)

10/02/11 1:46 pm

@Kenzie I would TOTALLY choose Lancome over l'oreal....but I would choose neither cuz I'm a guy

nerdy Massachusetts
10/02/11 10:12 am

It's Vuitton! Spelled it wrong Tony!

10/02/11 10:21 am

Loreal v Viutton makes no sense. One is primarily cosmetics and the other is a designer....

10/02/11 10:26 am

1. Spelled wrong. 2. You should have asked Vuitton/Gucci or Clinique/L'Oreal

Peaceful Minnesota
10/02/11 10:29 am

I care more about purses than I do about makeup. Hardly ever wear any. Hubby says I don't need to :) That being said, I think LVs are ugly so I say L'oreal. I'd get a Coach or something else if I had that kind of $

10/02/11 10:37 am

stupid ass question. it's like asking: fried rice or a computer?

10/02/11 10:40 am

Don't know what the hell this question is asking but I have a Louis Vitton wallet and the thing is in perfect condition seven years later. I bought LV sunglasses and the things broke in two moths. So there it is. Buy the leather luggage and wallets all day long but don't get anything else from them

10/02/11 10:40 am

Chiv28. I pick computer. :)

10/02/11 10:45 am

Who in the world can afford Vuitton anymore anyway? Lol

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/02/11 10:57 am

I am changing to dollar tree got a Pendelton wool jacket and several other "names" there two years ago. Husband thought I was stupid till he saw the robe I got him for $200. Several Loft things too. Saved $198. over the Costco price on a far isle knit sweater too

10/02/11 11:09 am

don't really care... next question please!

10/02/11 11:16 am

This is an arbitrary question. L'oreal is a cosmetic product, while Louis Vuitton is a luxury product that sells bags.

10/02/11 11:18 am

And why does the webmaster picks the most retarded questions and then we have to vote on these retarded questions?

mzungu Washington
10/02/11 11:27 am

I'm so happy this app is free because the questions get stupider and stupider!

10/02/11 11:30 am

hey y'all haters of this q. Tony has the freedom to make any poll q he likes. He doesn't have to make all political q's. Lay off the intimidation

10/02/11 11:31 am

How are these two brands comparable? Bags vs cosmetics??

10/02/11 11:33 am

Huh?... I got nothin... Do they make clothes or something?

10/02/11 11:51 am

Vuitton makes you look pretentious even if your not!

staunch hawaii
10/02/11 12:30 pm this a user Q? Doesn't make sense.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/02/11 12:34 pm

What choice they are the same with different names!!!

10/02/11 12:46 pm

Loius Vuitton is to die for. But it's so insanely expensive. I dint really understand the question, though I think it's meant to be a "designer bs drugstore" type of thing. Though maybe Lancome vs L'Oreal would be better, to keep it in the same type of product.

10/02/11 12:46 pm

Or maybe something unisex, since generally guys don't wear makeup.