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Praetorianus March 22nd, 2015 5:09am

Today, I've seen a toddler in a stroller, couldn't have been more than two, quite expertly access and browse a tablet's photo gallery. Making children familiar with the latest technology at a very young age is a...

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Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/21/15 10:15 pm

I think it fosters brain development at an age where synapses still form. I wouldn't be surprised if one day a preschooler beats me at a "daddle" video game that needs fast reflexes, not because I'm slow but he's fast. An Ender's game world :)

Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/21/15 10:39 pm

Haha, maybe we'll have to change the expression "a child could do it" to "only a child could do it".

ProFreedom Wisdom beyond my years
03/22/15 6:33 am

Kids need to play outside and be active, not on tablets and other technologies constantly

SOHJesus Amarillo
03/22/15 5:51 pm

Lazy ass kid needs to walk

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/22/15 5:08 am

It's good if the parents are responsible. Set time limits, parental controls, and make sure their outside or independent play is in greater quantity to allow their own creativity to continue to develop.

RedHale Texas
03/22/15 4:30 pm

It's their generation. They're going to have to use much more complicated technology then that by the time they're in middle school, and the rest of their life for that matter.

imanag My heaven on Earth
03/21/15 10:17 pm

I think it's okay, but there have to be limits. My son took part in a UNC study that included a segment about operating a tablet for a specific test. It was included since technology is what they'll grow up with. Again, parents need to set limits.

Maj Worth Economist
03/21/15 10:25 pm

So I'm saying it's a good thing because it allows me to justify the fact that my son had his own computer at age one, and has been familiar with a tablet since Ara received his as a gift. But I really don't know.

cmeszko99 New York
03/22/15 12:48 pm

Both good and bad. It will serve them well in the technical world but it also damages regular communication skills.

Br@ndon Your Soul
03/22/15 11:14 am

Technology is the future like it or not.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
03/21/15 11:04 pm

Definitely. I learned the ins and outs of the internet when I was three, but then again the commercial web (when they turned off NSFNET) is only a year older than me. We've adapted and changed ever since.

imaginary27 kentucky
03/22/15 11:21 am

In moderation. Some computer skill will be needed but bc of brain development too much stimulation is bad for attention span. Kids need time to do nothing and fill their own time and not constantly be plugged in to keep them occupied

rons Thanks America
03/22/15 7:00 am

They're be stuck with a bad habit.

Maj Worth Economist
03/21/15 10:22 pm

Given that Ara and I both use computes extensively for work, and given that we both work from home... If our son didn't have his own computer, we would have pulled our hair out. We each have our own so no one messes with our set-up.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/21/15 10:22 pm

Not too young to look at a classic photo album, and those are becoming obsolete.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/21/15 10:31 pm

I think my granddaughter was for when she taught her other grandma how to use an iPhone.

03/22/15 8:21 am

Then they don't develop patience and multitask too much

03/23/15 9:10 am

It is good to learn at a young age. It is extremely unwise to allow unsupervised access, without filters, parental oversight and review.

professorwho Madness and Genius
03/23/15 1:16 pm

If you're upbringing them as a hacker or like a programmer