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Should the President be elected by direct popular vote, or the current electoral college system (winner take all in each state)? (UserQ)

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10/24/11 11:36 pm

fun fact: KS has never cast a single electoral vote for a democrat in it's history

10/25/11 6:16 am

@DR Hawkeye this isn't a football game dumba$$. I hate when people use stupid analogies that have nothing to do with the topic.

Reaganomics Florida
10/25/11 6:17 am

Direct election "mobocracy" is exactly what our founding fathers warned us about. It doesnt work.. We are a Republic, not a Democracy

10/25/11 2:24 pm

Crossfire- get your facts straight. Projected surplus. There's a difference.
Bush didn't create the housing bubble.
There was a stimulus as soon as he took office to soften the depression that occurred almost immediately for him.
And Bush isn't in office. Obama is.

10/26/11 1:40 am

What a puss. Biden’s crew had to file a complaint with the Senate press gallery over the confrontation he had with that journalist from Human Events.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
10/25/11 6:39 am

We have a good system that works. Why change it

cryskull Culpeper, VA
10/25/11 6:39 am

You can't say that popular vote won't work, everyone is elected by popular vote except for the President of the United States.

The power is to the people not the electoral college. You have power to vote in and out of office. Exercise your right and make a difference!

10/25/11 6:41 am

So much for “one person one vote”. This is way worse than any voter fraud we have ever seen — can you imagine the uproar if we found out that people from certain areas were voting three times instead of once?

10/25/11 6:45 am

It's hysterical that someone is complaining that an election was not fair, when all elections are not fair. Is it ever fair that 51% of the people tell the other 49% what they can do with their property?

NYevo NY
10/28/11 3:27 pm

Seriously, if 90% of the population lived in one state, why would they only get a fraction of the sway? People are people. I don't care what state they're from

jamesmay Tampa
10/24/11 11:47 pm

Yes but I'm alot of cases the popular vote of a state is decided by the larger cities and that leaves rural people in the dust.

10/25/11 7:00 am

What is next? does this mean that who scores the most points yet loses all their football games will be the Super Bowl champion too?

10/25/11 7:03 am

It just doesn't make sense to me that we call ourselves a democracy and have this idea of 'one man, one vote,' but the votes of people in underpopulated states count more than the votes of people in large states. A popular vote for president would return us to one man one vote.

10/25/11 7:03 am

Every American should have a vote that is considered equally against all others. My vote should mean just as much as someone in another state. It seems like electoral college gives too much power to the separate parties, not the people.

adam377 Ohio
10/25/11 8:36 pm

With all the people that vote it would take way too long to count every vote from every person.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/25/11 7:04 am

The old electorial college is out dated,it worked back in the 1700-1800s when communications were slow.But today with everything so fast we don't need it now.

10/25/11 7:06 am

Our current voting system is just one example of many of how messed up our government is.

10/25/11 7:06 am

rainfire, we aren't a Democracy, we are a Republic of republics, and each of those republcs has rights.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/25/11 7:06 am

DOm333.. the system is OUTDATED as I said earlier.

Processing On a journey to oneness.
10/25/11 7:09 am

Do the electoral college and give the winner of the popular vote 225 making it a de-facto popular vote election.

10/24/11 9:53 pm

Electoral college - appropriately so since we're a democratic republic.

10/26/11 5:12 pm

notice that about 40% of GOPers have a clue what this means for their partisan efforts.

Skookum Alaska
10/24/11 9:57 pm

Yet "true" democracy might encourage more people to vote knowing that their individual vote would count.

10/25/11 3:11 pm

Are you kidding? I don't trust the uneducated masses.

Jungle in the dog house
10/26/11 8:36 pm

Until every state requires proof of citizenship to vote it should be by electoral college.

JDoe Its a gift
10/24/11 10:00 pm

Without the Electoral College, why would candidates spend any time in the middle of the country. They would concentrate on high density urban areas.

10/25/11 7:20 am

There is currently no individual right to vote for President democratically. The Constitution simply says that the state legislature has the right to determine how they determine electors. Meaning the state could simply choose the electors without any vote and it would be perfectly Constitutional.

Wes28 CBus
10/24/11 10:01 pm

People really don't understand the electoral college. It is absolutely essential!

10/25/11 7:20 am

Throw party politics into this, and you have a situation I do not very much like.

BadBadger Georgia
10/24/11 11:56 pm

I don't know about you guys, but I don't need the candidates to campaign in my region to know where they stand. I don't pay any attention to the ads they run, either. Modern communications allows me to follow them wherever they go and speak.

ryno Flyover Country
10/25/11 3:38 pm

If it was popular vote we would be ruled by the uneducated masses. Not to mention that the little guy would lose his voice in the system. This poll shows just how stupid/ignorant Americans are becoming.

veritas1 Panda
10/24/11 10:04 pm

The fact that it exists is an abomination. 2000 election: the fact that the candidate that the people chose to elect did not get elected is a clear failure of the system.

Theoretically, you only need 25% of the popular vote to get 50% of the electoral vote. That's ridiculous.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/24/11 10:05 pm

Al Gore won the popular vote.

The Country would have been a better place with him in the White House.

Unfortunately, G Bush's brothers State (Florida) and a Conservative SCOTUS picked our President.

10/25/11 7:23 am

We are 'the United States'.

Not 'the State'.

It's the very foundation of our name, that we are a group of states that have chosen to unite, into one Republic. We did not choose to become one single Democracy. We can't drop the electoral college without forgetting who we are!

10/25/11 7:27 am

The Super Bowl analogy is trash. It's majorly oversimplifying the issue of democracy and voting. We're not talking about a sports game.

Lulzy New Jersey
10/24/11 10:08 pm

Sad. Really pathetic results. Jonathan Ive

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/25/11 7:27 am

Lbrtrn no only a few states have laws saying electoral votes must be in accordance with popular votes. In most states popular votes mean nothing.

Lulzy New Jersey
10/24/11 10:09 pm

Lol hit paste button by accident

10/25/11 7:30 am

An why would getting rid of the electoral college be violating the issue of republicanism? You still have the congress and local/state governments. Wouldn't it make sense to have a direct popular vote for President when that President is suppose to represent the PEOPLE, not the STATES?

10/25/11 12:02 am

badbadber- i think the problem is when the president has to weigh the needs of smaller states vs bigger states. if the smaller states are irrelevant in elections, then they are irrelevant in policy making too

10/25/11 7:30 am

He's the leader of the American people. The Vice-President is the leader of Congress. Let states determine who gets that spot then.

10/25/11 8:48 pm

should stay as intended. fine for 200+ years. one word... ACORN!

10/25/11 3:55 pm

Please do "unbiased" homework on the history.

10/24/11 10:11 pm

The electoral college is obsolete. It was only put in the constitution because the founding fathers didn't trust the "common man" with such a decision as the president, so essentially the popular vote was a formality because the real power rested in state appointed electors. But now it's useless and

9teufel Connecticut
10/25/11 12:04 am

I trust the individual man, but as soon as they form groups they become mindless sheep willing at follow any idiot.

10/24/11 10:12 pm

Only creates problems, hence the results of the 2000 election

10/25/11 12:06 am

9teufel- uh, if you trust the individual man, do you trust him to lead a bunch of mindless sheep?