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jacobbrown March 18th, 2015 2:53pm

Eric and Michael are sitting at a bar, the bartender keeps feeding drinks to a woman who's alone and obviously had too much. Do you say anything to the bartender?

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03/18/15 11:47 am

Yes and to the woman.

EarlyBird Portland
03/19/15 4:38 am

I never thought of that. Good point!

bringstheeagle Colorado
03/19/15 3:55 pm

I followed because you are on the recommended follow list. Congratulations and welcome to SOH.

jacobbrown Savannah Ga
03/19/15 12:31 am

Yes I would being a server myself I know how being overly intoxicated can not only ruin your night and get you into trouble but that over serving gets no reward. They usually forget to pay!

03/19/15 5:43 pm

Why say Erin and Michael though? Haha you don't even mention names throughout the rest of the question