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SalingerTwain3 March 17th, 2015 12:58am

Conservatives: Can you make a case for liberalism?

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SalingerTwain3 The cage bird sings
03/17/15 12:42 pm

What do you think liberals world view is?

chinito Florida
03/16/15 9:29 pm

As a whole or about some of their policies?

03/17/15 5:00 pm

European communism. I can't argue for that.

chinito Florida
03/17/15 6:48 am

Ok, then I can't. There are a few policies I support but I think their world view is messed up

03/17/15 2:30 am

I think liberals think with their heart rather than their mind. Decisions come from emotion rather than logic or fact.

chinito Florida
03/17/15 2:35 pm

It is all about victimization. Blaming someone or something and not taking responsibility.