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imanag My heaven on Earth
03/15/15 12:48 pm

I remember picking strawberries in the back yard with my mom.

Happy239 Florida
03/15/15 6:00 am

Hard to say I remember many family Xmas parties in my early days but I clearly remember watching the first man walk on the moon. The TV was black and white. I was with my mom in our family room and the couches were red. I was four.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/15/15 6:21 am

I was about 3 and I used to step up on the baseboard heating and ask my grand pop for one of his Cheerios.

susanr Colorado
03/15/15 3:15 pm

Some things in & around an apartment we lived in when my mother was pregnant with my brother, so I was 4.

orgblu10 Shamerica
03/15/15 4:24 pm

Playing with my friend on his living room floor. I was almost 3.

03/15/15 5:21 am

My parents divorced when I wax three, and I can remember bits of a vacation when they were still married.