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FLAmerican March 14th, 2015 11:25pm

PR: 1st Term, proposed (and after Congress approved) authorized a military invasion of Iraq. He cited evidence of weapons of mass destruction and human rights violations as the reasons for combat.

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TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
03/14/15 4:48 pm

Strongly approve. It has now been conclusively confirmed that there WERE indeed WMDs. Nobody lied.
I'm sure that President Bush will be happy to receive your apologies now. 🇺🇸

Torfin Never Behind
03/14/15 5:20 pm

Absolutely! I hate having to defend Bush but this was necessary.

Think Lovin Life
03/14/15 10:09 pm

Thank you Ms Clinton & Mr Kerry -- among so many others!

elbrutus23 Chicago, IL
03/14/15 5:20 pm

One of the worst foreign policy decisions in America history.

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:30 pm

The basic Timeline from 2003-2004:
-March 20: Invasion Begins
--US, British, Australian, Polish, Danish operations begin
-April 10, Allies conquer Baghdad
-May 1, Bush declares operations over
-May 15, US launches Operation Planet X capturing

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:33 pm

Hundreds of Ba'ath Officials
-May 23, L. Paul Bremer issues Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 dissolving all entities R the Ba'ath Party.
-July 13, The Iraqi Governing Council s established
-July 22, Uday and Qusay Hussein are killed in

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:36 pm

-August: Hundreds are killed in suicide bombings.
-September 3 First Post-Saddam Gov
-Sept 23, Majority of Iraqis expect better life in 5 years.
-October David Kay's Iraq Survey Group finds little evidence of WMD

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:37 pm

Though he found a network of labs with strains of deadly botulinum. Search has cost $300 Million.
-November: Breakout of Insurgent Warfare
-Thanksgiving, Bush visits troops in Iraq.

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:42 pm

December 14, 2003, In Operation Red Dawn, Saddam Hussein is found and captured.

-March 8, Iraqi Constitution signed
-April 18, Abuse is discovered at Abu Ghraib Prison
-May 17, Ezzedine Salim, head of IGC is assassinated.

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/14/15 4:44 pm

June: New Iraqi Gov assumes sovereignty
-July 1, Hussein begins his trial.
The entire year includes major battles with Insurgents and many suicide bombings. From April 4 till late August, violent clashes occur between the U.S. And Shia Clerk