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Whichendisup March 14th, 2015 2:16am

Did you know that the blood vessels from your body could be removed and displayed, at least seemingly, intact? Donating your body for "scientific display purposes" sounds

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Wert A picture of my junk
03/13/15 7:57 pm

Have you seen the same type of thing done with ant colonies? They pour molten aluminum down the holes and then excavate them.

WildRice With a side of sass
03/13/15 8:09 pm

I saw body works and it was amazing!

I plan on donating my body to science. Somebody did it so I could learn and I'm not using it anymore... So, thought that'd be good

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
03/13/15 11:44 pm

I love to have any part of me displayed to the public.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
03/13/15 9:39 pm

Did you know that if you took all the blood vessels in your body and laid them end-to-end, you would die?

Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/13/15 7:21 pm

There's a process called plastination, turns you into an anatomical artwork.

susanr Colorado
03/13/15 7:47 pm

I think it's very cool. I wouldn't mind if my body were used that way after my death, or for any research purposes.

Wert A picture of my junk
03/13/15 7:56 pm

Saw an exhibit at the Science Museum, here. Very cool.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
03/14/15 12:14 am

Same here and Body Works looked so interesting, but I never made it to one.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
03/14/15 12:15 am

Take it. Take it all. Show whatever you want. The human body has so many stories to tell. And everyone is different.

Kay41 the Midwest
03/13/15 7:36 pm

That is a cool picture!

rons WOKE is sick
03/14/15 9:57 am

Deboning a turkey once I did the legs and found the femur artery. Damn! it was like a garden hose!

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
03/14/15 4:29 pm

This would be after your dead, so no worries.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/13/15 7:42 pm

It is pretty cool Praet already mentioned Body Worlds. Do a google image search for that and prepare to be amazed.

Rotavele Alabama
03/13/15 7:46 pm

Awesome, I'd do it

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
03/13/15 9:46 pm

That's crazy! But it seems kinda mean, unless they know the ant hill is abandoned.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
03/13/15 9:47 pm

Only if you weren't done using them already. 😁

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
03/14/15 8:31 pm

Not an exhibitionist...alive or dead.

03/14/15 5:14 pm

I have seen the 'Bodies' exhibit in several cities, and it is amazing.

ThePollTaker Straight up cold.
03/14/15 3:16 pm

I would only donate an organ for money or with a knife to my throat. Surgery scares me because I haven't ever had to deal with it.