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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2011 12:00am

Do you usually eat dinner before or after 7pm?

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07/02/11 2:43 pm

I work through 8pm 5 days a week, and 9pm 1 day a week.

emsies Seattle
07/02/11 1:00 am

Sometimes I don't even get home until 8:30

07/02/11 1:02 am

Before during the school year and after during the summer. People who post "first" should be made to go to bed with no dinner:))

07/02/11 3:03 pm

I usually eat around nine or ten. I work till eight. I've had several doctors tell me that eating after seven causing wait gain is a myth. It's all about calories vs. exercise.

07/02/11 11:55 pm

My tummy makes the rumblies around then for a morsel of candied pecans.

07/02/11 2:06 am

We're heating dinner right now & it's 2a. Though unusual quite this late. We are night owls. My husband leaves for work in a cpl hrs. & we've had a really screwy sched lately bc we just relocated our store & have been working around the clock setting up to re-open for business. Brkfst & lunch = late

Gelidity Pennsylvania
07/02/11 2:18 am

I average around 10-12 o' clock. Then again I do have an eating disorder.

07/02/11 2:53 am

After. But then again I can't remember the last time I went to bed before midnight... What, it's summer?!

lawstudent Western NC foothills
07/07/11 12:45 am

eating after 7 doesn't equal weight gain. all about calories in vs. calories out. eating close to bedtime may disrupt your sleep pattern a bit, but that's about all.

07/03/11 5:56 pm

In summer I always eat later than in cold months when it gets dark earlier.

07/04/11 3:36 pm

Eating after 7 does not make you fat. Overall caloric intake needs to be same or less than energy expended or you gain weight. Eating right before can disturb sleep, however.

07/02/11 5:25 pm

Actually, you should eat small meals every 2 or 3 hours. This helps speed up your metabolism by giving it always something to do. If you eat at 7 or 6 and eat nothing for the rest of the night, you'll slow down your metabolism.
From a skinny nurse whose family has no history of obese or overweight.

NYevo NY
07/05/11 8:58 pm

Sadly, usually after 7. Closer to 9. I get home late. Would eat around 6 if it was up to me.

07/03/11 3:28 am

Breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon, dinner at 6pm. That's been the rule since I was a tike. Now that I'm older the schedule only varies when other commitments take precedence.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/02/11 6:58 am

I eat before 5 most of the time.

My personal preference is 16:30, although I wake up around 06:00 without an alarm most days, so therefore I am an early bird (justifying meal time).

Fiat Lux!

ORinNY New York
07/02/11 7:00 am

After 7pm all the way bitches!!!! Late nighters rule, 8pm 4 life!!! Ya! Bam!!!!!

Piper? Texas
07/02/11 8:17 am

I eat at about 5-6:00 on most days.

07/02/11 8:22 am

eating three hours or more before bed is an easy way to loose weight.

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
07/02/11 9:00 am

You will have trouble getting to sleep if you watch before bed

07/02/11 9:11 am

it depends. if I'm actually having a real dinner, it will be before or around 7. But if I'm just eating leftovers or something, not a brand new meal, it'll be later, like maybe a snack at 8. I don't have a huge appetite unless I'm reminded to eat. :p

07/02/11 9:13 am

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07/02/11 9:16 am

My wife and I both work 8-5 but are late most days, so we don't even get home until well after 6. Get kids gathered up, chores and stuff, dinner CAN'T be early.

07/03/11 7:58 am

I've eaten dinner around 10pm for more than 20 years and have 8% body fat. I workout after 8pm three or more times a week. So the myth about gaining weight if you eat late does not apply to me. It's about calories & exercise.

07/02/11 10:24 am

I don't understand how people get hungry or whatever so early. I've always had dinner at least after 7:30.

07/02/11 10:28 am

@Kenzie we are working on an "ignore" and a "report" feature for the next release. Stay tuned...

kmsexton McLean
07/02/11 10:32 am

Actually, it's most often that we sit down to eat at 7.

07/02/11 10:35 pm

Due to military lifestyle and the time I get off, after 1900 is dinner.

07/02/11 10:49 pm

If u eat right before going to sleep, u will have dreams. At least for me, and I'm fine w/that.

bschultz28 Seattle Tacoma area
07/06/11 1:57 am

If it were up to me I'd get home at a decent time and make dinner to eat it before 7. but I work currently work I retail...which means odd hours.

brittanyk Florida
07/03/11 12:47 pm

I eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours. I don't eat after 7 though. And I'm skinny so I believe it may be true because my father is very fat and I have the genetics but I manage perfectly with my weight like this and I'm close to even being under weight.

07/02/11 12:18 am

I have to eat by 5:30, or I am starving. To be fair, I also have to go to bed by 8 since I work the early shift at work.

gradsmart Boston, MA
07/03/11 1:07 pm

It's not about how late you eat but rather how many hours pass between your last meal and your bed time.

07/05/11 12:40 pm

I barely eat breakfast before 7 pm.

07/11/11 6:02 pm

New York I expected but Georgia?

sting Pennsylvania
07/02/11 2:38 pm

Eating after 7 can promote weight gain.