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Do you have a fantasy football team? (UserQ)

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08/19/11 12:50 am

Does cheering for the winner of the lingerie bowl count as a fantasy team?

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/19/11 2:14 pm

Shocking Results! I guess most polling nerds can care less about FF, Glad I'm not one. I've been doing it for 13 yrs now and I can't wait for football season every year. It's only fun when there's $$$ money $$$ involved other wise it's pointless. FF is waaaay to time consuming to play for free!!!

08/20/11 4:15 am

Love my fantasy team. It's a lot of fun. Not only am I one the few girls that has one, I'm the commish for the league at my clinic. Always makes for a fun Monday.=) Go Packers!!!

Soitgoes Missouri
08/19/11 1:30 am

I traded Tony Romo for Sam Bradford. GO RAMS!!!

IBnj2sc South Carolina
08/19/11 1:43 am

@Pearlygate Football? (NEVER) are you shitting me? Football and Fantasy Football are more popular now than ever be4. It's a FACT!

Nerdz Texas
08/19/11 1:57 am

I did have one and I'm a girl it was a secret though

08/19/11 2:25 am

proud owner of Romo Witten His Pants, my fantasy football team!

taurus98 in the TARDIS
08/19/11 2:25 am

Wtf, seriously?
And football stole the name of the game that in America is called "soccer", while the rest of the world calls "soccer" football.

08/19/11 2:41 am

Love fantasy football! NFL football is the greatest sport in the world.

Unicorns California
08/21/11 1:22 am

to anyone who says yes to this question I feel deeply sorry for

08/19/11 4:17 am

HELL NO. do you really have no life to obsess over stupid sports that isn't even real!!! Athletes tick me off. They're famous and wealthy for flunking school because they were able kick a stupid ball. Americans are so wasteful with money.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/19/11 3:09 pm

Nerds LOL. I can think of better subjects for fantasies than football players. Maybe I should start a fantasy cheerleader league.

08/19/11 10:31 pm

pro football sucks. bunch off overpaid insignificants.

08/19/11 6:06 am

rj169... that is not necessary. what are you trying to do? good thing everyone ignores people like you. haha

08/19/11 6:24 am

Why do some people loathe sports. They aren't overpaid. They are the top of a career track, the best of the best. Society pays them because of how high their demand is. And liberals, if my lifestyle involves watching football, how is that different than being gay?

I have 4 teams this year :) yay!

CobsG West Virginia
08/19/11 6:28 am

No way. Entirely too time consuming.

08/19/11 6:28 am

draft is Wednesday, won the first year I was hooked. last year I came in 3rd out of 16 teams. go GB

08/19/11 10:42 pm

Is it football season already.... Booooo!!!

Punchy57 Michigan
08/19/11 6:44 am

I'm in two leagues. I run one and have been apart of another for 5 years now. I enjoy it, but can see how some people can find it annoying. Example: my wife!

08/19/11 7:01 am

@theoritic while I see your point and agree that athletes are WAY over paid. They get millions a year (some) and the teachers get to live pay check to pay check... BUT players usually come out of college and a lot of times have to maintain certain grades to stay on team.

08/19/11 6:38 pm

How does Obama get in a discussion about fantasy football?

08/19/11 7:03 am

@JamesB I, for one, don't loathe sports but I think sometimes people put too much emphasis on them. In the end it's just a game. Plus.. Two people of the same sex loving each other and wanting equal rights isn't the same thing as you sitting on watching your Sunday football. But nice try ;) lol

08/19/11 7:05 am

I don't get the concept of these fantasy sports but I know a guy who was crazy serious about fantasy basketball.

MrWalrus Undergrid
08/19/11 7:07 am

@Taurus Soccer is a term that was coined by an Englishman in the 60s

MrWalrus Undergrid
08/19/11 7:10 am

do not do fantasy football for two reasons 1) it is for getting band wagon fans interested in the NFL 2) my real team is more than good enough for me. GO STEELERS!!!

08/20/11 1:02 pm

@voter, I play also. love the pack.

08/19/11 7:44 am

I rather do fantasy football any day over having some other habit. (booze,drugs....)

08/19/11 8:10 am

@theorotic I'm in the under 21 category, and I'm an athlete. In Iowa at my school, if you can't spell or keep grades up, you don't play. Being an athlete is not easy, and it's definitely a lot of time, work, and pressure. we have had 3 kids get kicked out of sports this year due to grades.

08/19/11 8:10 am

I like money. I win so I play. It's pretty easy to set a lineup once a week. If your to cool for it then your to f-in cool.

08/19/11 8:14 am

And it helps to be smart. I'm sure that some NFL players, NBA, hockey, soccer, all those athletes, oh yeah, and baseball players have a backup plan in case they can't play. ( get hurt ) So my point is not all athletes are dumb. I don't known that many at my school, idk maybe 2? I'm guessing your

08/19/11 8:19 am

My brother wants to start one.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/19/11 8:21 am

Fantasy football is just another form of gambling(which is ok) if you like that kind of thing.

08/19/11 8:28 am

Fantasy football is great and some people are just misinformed or flat out jealous of pro athletes. They make a lot of money but sports generate billions and like any other profession the athletes simply want their share. I am a teacher, while some say we are overpaid, nobody pays to see me teach.

08/22/11 12:16 am

football is for a real man's sport...PLAY RUGBY!!!

09/01/11 10:24 pm

I'm a steeler fan I'm not cheering some jagoff on another team so I win a few bucks

08/19/11 8:39 am

I hear a lot about fantasy football. I will look it up today on Wikipedia 

FrankZappa New York
08/20/11 7:20 pm

Is this in relation to the poll above? Or is fantasizing about a football team something else?

08/19/11 3:45 pm

In our league the winner picks a charity, we're cops so it looks better. and I find it more fun

oorah Florida
08/18/11 11:23 pm

Is this like a computer game or something?

Zack100 Tatooine
08/19/11 9:33 am

Hahaha!!! I knew females would have a super low percentage of those who have teams!!!! 4%!!! Hilarious!!