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Mattwall1 June 9th, 2014 1:31pm

Have you ever met a friend or family member's significant other for the first time and wondered what they could possibly see in them?

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Emily33 North Carolina
06/09/14 6:36 am

My best friend's boyfriend. He's a fucking asshole.

rons WOKE is sick
06/09/14 8:50 am

My niece had a dumbass boyfriend for a while. He liked cursing a lot!

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
06/10/14 6:49 am

A friend growing up, his girlfriend was the spitting image of Tom petty

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
06/09/14 8:53 am

My moms old boyfriend. Such a moron. I'm very happy with who she's with now and how happy she is, though

BusinessJustin Tamriel
06/09/14 7:38 am

Oh yeah. To this very day I wonder.

Liberty 4,032,064
06/09/14 6:40 am

Haha, yes. It can be quite difficult.

imanag My heaven on Earth
06/09/14 9:05 am

My brother's first wife. There was something so off about her.

06/10/14 5:00 am

Mine too. I didn't like him the first time I met him...or the second...or...

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/09/14 7:58 am

Usually the other way around. The Dennis Kucinich scenario.

musiman28 Cotton country
06/09/14 5:45 pm

Pretty much every guy my oldest sister ever dated.

beanD California
06/09/14 12:56 pm

No, it took several times of meeting her before I realized she was someone who *I* wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with. One of those people whose true colors come out slowly over time.