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PartyFree June 8th, 2014 5:29pm

Do you find it un-American for someone to cheer for another country during international sporting events such as the Olympics or the World Cup?

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dawl adulting
06/08/14 12:49 pm

No. It's simply rootin for who you like. Is there a rule book on what it means to be "American"?

PollGenosse Blood and Soil
06/09/14 10:37 pm

I plan to cheer for team USA during the World cup, along with Germany. If someone cheers for over the country they reside it does not bother me like during a NHL game, World Cup or Olympics.

Wino I need a drink
06/08/14 11:08 am

I cheer for Jamaica each Winter Olympics. I'm not going to apologize, they are from Jamaica and in the Winter Olympics.
Other than that I stick to the US and UK (Mom was born and raised there) teams.

MJSeals J.D.
06/08/14 10:39 am

I think it's by definition un-American, but it's not unpatriotic really.

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
06/09/14 11:50 pm

I might argue that it's quintessentially American: free expression in a free society even in opposition to the institution granting that freedom. In the absence of harm to others, that's what liberty is about, yes? Also, it's just sports teams, so...

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
06/08/14 3:33 pm

I've been told by more than one person that I'm "un-American" because I cheer for my other country during the Olympics and World Cup. I wondered what the community thought.

06/10/14 8:17 pm

Look at this question this way. Do you cheer for your home state team every game?(football,basketball,baseball,etc.)

DavesNotHere where am I
06/08/14 7:25 pm

I don't get it, but it's no big deal. I don't follow international sports anyway. I have no interest in the World Cup at all.

closed Lol hi
06/10/14 10:38 am

Id root for an underdog country over the USA. Something like Nigeria or Zaire or some country like that.

sara666 CT
06/10/14 9:28 am

Wtf does un-American even mean?