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MJSeals June 2nd, 2014 4:38am

Is the role Vice President important?

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chickencookie Biden crime family
06/02/14 4:05 pm

Crazy Joe doesn't know if he is coming or going

06/03/14 8:32 am

Just as you CC have no clue if you are coming or going!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/03/14 1:46 pm

Not unless there is a tie in the Senate that needs breaking.

KingRodney Enjoy the Decline
06/02/14 7:35 am

Yes, if the President dies, you're on deck.

jackw97 Dallas
06/03/14 6:37 pm

Just look at everything Joe Biden has done

***he has done nothing***

Userperson merry passover
06/02/14 4:28 am

Tie breaker in the senate!

ScrewU Gone
06/03/14 4:20 am

An idiot for VP is a decent insurance against the risk of assassination.

jvc1133 61535
06/02/14 1:52 am

Depends on what you have, we unfortunitly
Ain't got s***

06/02/14 5:07 am

If he has to do his job then yes. Tie breaker vote is important. Otherwise, if it's someone who is smart and commands respect, then yes. If not well....

KingRodney Enjoy the Decline
06/02/14 7:35 am

Also they try to build support for the President.

skinner Jersey City
06/02/14 3:41 am

Somewhat. He doesn't have a whole lot of power. His main ability is the power to influence

06/02/14 6:54 am

Yes but it's purposefully underrated. They are president if the sitting president dies. I'd say that's fairly important.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/03/14 6:08 am

It becomes very important if the President passes away while in office.

WhoAreYou Up In The Trees
06/03/14 10:12 am

Only if something happens to the president. Kind of like an understudy.

swervin Maryland
06/02/14 4:25 am

Smell ya later.

thursday Kansas
06/03/14 4:12 am

They can take the gavel in the senate. That could be incredibly significant in an unfriendly congress.

06/03/14 8:09 am

Lately the VP hasn't been important

MJSeals Esq.
06/01/14 9:39 pm

The bad thing about time is you can't stop it from passing. May not be on tomorrow or a few days due to wisdom teeth. See ya later!

noahj96 North Carolina
06/03/14 11:03 am

Considering that its basically a tap for presidency for the next election, I'd say its important in the long run

elianastar FreeSpeech
06/03/14 10:16 am

Depends on Administration how *functionally* important VP is, but yes.