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VirtualCongress February 11th, 2014 11:47pm

Secretary Nominations: President Trepidhickory is seeking nominations for the Department of Domestic Development. Members should post a comment indicating their interest.

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icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:55 pm

I identify as independent but I'm fiscally conservative and social more to the liberal side

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:18 pm

I would be friendly to american business, but also environmentally responsible. I feel that the government has the obligation to subject business to standards which ensure companies don't take advantage of people, but is also friendly to thebusiness

NDAmerican Florida
02/11/14 7:58 pm

Huh, well you seem to be very knowledgable on the topic. You have my support.

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
02/11/14 9:27 pm

Sorry I was studying and didn't see this comment

Thank you wvamerican for asking the questions

I really liked your answers and will definitely consider you

NDAmerican Florida
02/11/14 7:28 pm

Can you elaborate exactly on what ideas you would have to accomplish this goal?

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:33 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this department is a consolidation of several domestic departments right?

NDAmerican Florida
02/11/14 7:37 pm

Yes Dept of Interior, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor.

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:41 pm

Right. So my plans involve taking positive aspects of those programs, programs which both favor business growth and ecologically sustainable development, so that Americans benefit not only from the jobs and
capital created, but also the long lasting

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:43 pm

Ecologic effects. More specifically I would implement codes which expand off of the clean water acts and the Kyoto protocol to encourage companies to research and develop practices which both benefit the consumer and the environment

NDAmerican Florida
02/11/14 7:46 pm

Hmm so you're only encouraging companies right not requiring? What are your thoughts on internal improvement?

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:52 pm

Definitely only encouraging. I think requirements are bad for business. In the way of internal reform I would separate the department into three sections: Land management which would be agriculture and the interior

NDAmerican Florida
02/11/14 7:54 pm

Oh great lol not that it matters but what party are you in?

icechris12 New Jersey
02/11/14 7:54 pm

Second: Urban planning which would cover large population centers and would encompass transportation and urban development. Third would remain the same as labor and would deal with business relations and would feature my incentive plans