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sandy0923 February 4th, 2014 3:07pm

Deadbeat patents are: losers / misunderstood? Not contacting or paying support for the kids

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stefanie22 Cincinnati
02/04/14 10:24 am

You'd have to be a real piece of crap to abandoned & not financially support your kids. Sorry if you're under employed, but it's time to grow up & handle your responsibilities!

kruie1694wimic Michigan
02/04/14 2:46 pm

My dad and stepdad abandoned me and it hurts and it's hard. I now have abandonment issues and psychological problems. My biological dad never paid child support. Even when he had a job. He is not misunderstood he is just a deadbeat dad.

Marzyq South of North Dakota
02/04/14 9:24 am

OHHH...parents! I get it now. :)

angryathiest seeing double
02/04/14 5:57 pm

Deadbeat dad = low life

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
02/04/14 10:25 am

And even if you're underemployed you can at least spend time with them (assuming the other parent is mature enough to allow it which isn't always the case)

jvc1133 61535
02/04/14 10:31 am

Yea parents, yes pay up I did freely my resposibility

jmw7477 Indiana
02/04/14 11:38 am

I've seen too many & heard too many excuses. They're losers. I'm even related to a few. Man parent can still be a deadbeat parent even though their child(ren) live with them.

02/04/14 5:55 pm

My kids father hasn't seen or paid sense 2009. It's sad & he's a looser for it.
No matter how hard it's been; I've got the best part - the kids...