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01/26/16 10:08 am

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pupluv 02/06/16 1:54 am

Are you more intrigued to read poetry regarding LIGHT/LOVE or DARKNESS/EVIL?

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pupluv 02/06/16 1:50 am

Do you prefer to READ poetry or LISTEN/WATCH spoken word poetry videos?

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pupluv 01/26/16 10:51 am

Do you think it is possible to communicate with people who have already died?

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pupluv 01/26/16 10:49 am

Do you believe your SPIRIT/SOUL/ENERGY lives on after death?

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pupluv 01/26/16 10:48 am

Do you believe SOULS can become possessed by evil spirits?

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pupluv 01/26/16 10:48 am

Do you think people can SELL their SOUL?

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pupluv 01/26/16 10:47 am

Do you believe humans have a SOUL?

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