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When poor parenting is affecting a student at school, should courts be able to order the parent(s) to complete parenting courses?

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06/13/14 8:02 pm

This should be required before a child services worker can take any claim to your child.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/11/14 3:00 pm

No. It sounds like a bad way to start implementing government mandated parental guidelines to me

demandside New Keynesian
06/11/14 6:17 am

Children shouldn't have to suffer due to incompetent parents. oh, but the only solution in "government" so that must be wrong

06/11/14 3:07 am

All you have to do is think about what is better for the child, which, essentially, the next generation of America. Would you rather the child suffer bad grades and fail in life, or have the parents though a few classes and the child succeed?

06/10/14 6:42 am

Tough question but answered yes. The bar would need to be set very high for it to be acceptable for the govt to dictate 'bad parents', Ie child is in imminent danger. I could see this as a requirement for CPS to release children back to their parents

theNobamist Silicon Valley
06/09/14 11:58 pm

And if the govt decides you aren't fit to parent, do they forcibly sterilize you? Is that covered by Obamacare?

06/09/14 2:55 pm

sadly this is what we have come to and yea, it wouldn't hurt any more than it would do good

06/09/14 2:35 pm

No but if the student is disrupting the class they should be disciplined.

06/11/14 8:02 pm

But maybe the child doesn't understand why they r lashing out. Punishing the child will not fix the issue here, which are the parents

DenisC NYC Rome Miami Beach
06/08/14 10:39 pm

Based on what elements would a court decide the poor parenting? No thanks, sound like Big Brother to me

brenstal Florida
06/08/14 5:29 pm

I'm not sure classes would be as affective as assigning a social worker to identify the problem and help parents solve it.

ShmooBear316 waitin for God
06/08/14 4:43 pm

Well yeah, I guess. When you become their parent.

06/08/14 2:54 pm

Something needs to be done in order to the kids back on track and this could be just one of the solutions. The scary thought: could we fit all the parents who need help into the current facilities?

06/08/14 1:53 pm

Hell No!!! Its funny how you automatically blame the parent for his troubles in school. Its more than likely the teacher's fault. Government needs to stay the hell out of the education system as it is. Abolish the Dept. Of Education.

brenstal Florida
06/08/14 5:32 pm

I failed second grade because my mother was too mentally Ill to help me with homework or teach me anything. She was also actively pushing me to fail a year so she wouldn't have to make two stops when dropping me and my brother off at school.

brenstal Florida
06/08/14 5:33 pm

So, I know in my situation addressing problems at home would have helped.

justanotherteen Not Available
06/08/14 6:44 pm

How is it likely the teacher's fault? How likely that you blame the teacher, almost like most people who could never do what they do.

06/11/14 8:04 pm

The child may have issues because of the home life and are lashing out at school. The individual teacher had much less impact then the every day lives with the parents

06/07/14 10:58 pm

You can't teach someome how to parent it just doesn't work like that

mrsfoster09 las vegas
06/07/14 9:59 pm

a "class" won't fully Change anyone if they don't want to or think they need too.

06/07/14 6:41 pm

As someone who works in a school, I say "YOU BETCHA!!!"

squib Northern New England
06/08/14 3:34 am

That was also my reaction from working in a school. I can't count the number of kids that have issues or have fallen through the cracks because they have parents who don't parent.

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
06/07/14 6:18 pm

"Poor parenting" is way too broad.

knimmz hip to the facts
06/07/14 5:25 pm

who's to say exactly what "poor" parenting is, or the right way to parent a child. an athiest would say it's poor parenting to raise a child in a religion, a conservative could say its poor parenting to raise a child liberal etc etc

jojo08 Odenton, MD
06/07/14 4:24 pm

Wow. I'm shocked that so many people said no to this. Parenting classes seem like a great way to help the entire family. It's better than putting kids into foster care. Kids don't come with instructions. I think many "bad" parents are just misguided.

indie California
06/07/14 3:24 pm

No but there are a lot of people who shouldn't have children because they are stupid. A course wouldn't help.

RumpleForeskin Western NY
06/07/14 5:05 pm

Ya can't fix stupid.

Alex619 California
06/07/14 2:19 pm

This will only lead to tyranny. Gov doesn't like parents views (religion for example) so they take the kids..

06/07/14 2:04 pm

Once again I ask what is wrong with the democrats here?

06/07/14 1:21 pm

If it involves the child being abused then yes, but if the parents are not the problem then no

ProbablyEug Oakland
06/07/14 1:09 pm

Dang, I'm a registered Demo but there's no way that's happening.

Br@ndon Your Soul
06/07/14 12:02 pm

Wouldn't be a problem if there were a license to be a parent.

06/07/14 12:20 pm

A government issued license to be a parent? Want them to spoon feed and wipe your a** too?

Br@ndon Your Soul
06/07/14 2:03 pm

Well, if you don't mind paying for other people's kids...

commonsense America isnt racist
06/07/14 10:41 am

Ha ha , that's a great idea.

debob texas
06/07/14 10:36 am

Those are the parents that would play hooky. But seriously, no. We already have CPS and they make some ridiculous/horrendous calls.

Theutus Florida
06/07/14 9:56 am

Less nanny state please.

06/07/14 9:30 am

I would love to say "yes" but I really don't think it would make much of a difference. adults are usually set in their ways, especially if they refuse to relieve they're doing anything wrong

ProbablyEug Oakland
06/07/14 1:10 pm

Plus who's determining bad parenting here? The govt?!

melders Entertainment Sometimes
06/07/14 9:18 am

I might support it if "poor parenting" was defined in an unambiguous way. Otherwise, that could be abused like crazy.

06/07/14 7:54 am

Courts would get involved after child welfare or juvenile justice gets involved. Poor grades are not neglect, there are plenty of great parents fighting with their kids to try harder in school. I'm one of them. Truancy IS neglect and delinquancy

06/07/14 7:50 am

The kids shouldn't b punished for their parents mistakes. When I'm an adult I want the people I'm working with to b educated.

Congressman Louisiana
06/07/14 7:27 am

Absolutely. In fact you should need a parental license before you even have kids. It's ridiculous the people who pass on spawn and do nothing only to repeat a cycle of ignorance and poverty.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
06/07/14 7:07 am

parenting classes should be required before child birth with periodic updates every several years

dahawwl Texas
06/07/14 6:52 am

The decision making process for something like that would take time and several professionals would have to be involved. It could get expensive. But, if the parents are informed there is a problem and they don't make any changes, maybe.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
06/07/14 6:52 am

They have the right to call child protective services to investigate, the school doesn't have the right to order anything based on what little information they have.

06/07/14 6:59 am

I believe the court is ordering it

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
06/07/14 7:28 am

Huh, yeah. Misread the question.

06/07/14 8:40 am says "should the courts be able to order..."

06/07/14 8:41 am

Nvm i misread your reply lol, its a rough morning...

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
06/07/14 10:11 am

Right there with you, haha. Reading is hard.

evoecon nearest binary system
06/07/14 6:48 am

Sadly, many Progressive agendas are based on a belief that "parents" are incompetent and ignorant. Only the leaders of the "village" are capable of making the correct choices for children AND adults

06/07/14 7:00 am

Who is saying that? Im a progressive and I've never heard that.

evoecon nearest binary system
06/07/14 7:04 am

You've never heard the woman should have the right to have an abortion because the child's life would be miserable? Just one example, but the statement is based on the parent being incapable of creating a good life for their children.

htcbump Florida
06/07/14 6:00 pm

It takes a Village.....NOT!

EarlyBird Portland
06/07/14 6:05 am

No but I wouldn't be against forced parenting classes BEFORE people have children. We need a license to drive and get married. Why not one to have children?

angstanon San Diego, CA
06/07/14 7:09 am

Keanu Reeves was right!

ant07 AL
06/13/14 2:04 am

Because most Americans don't support eugenics as far as I know.

darthezu Philly
06/07/14 5:46 am

How would that even work? I mean I wanna say yes but putting it into practice would be a nightmare. People would get in trouble because of their outlandish parenting techniques. I think it would become an impossible existential endeavor.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
06/07/14 5:41 am

The state should just take all children at birth and send them back to their families at 18.
After all, choice ends at birth.

06/07/14 5:39 am

How do we its the parenting and the child. Can't keep using poor parenting as an excuse for children being bad

Kay41 the Midwest
06/07/14 4:46 am

I am not for forced parenting classes. But, this is an important topic concerning education. Early parental involvement (including reading to kids at an early age) and staying involved for 12 years is essential if we are too have a successful system.

Gingerred primum non nocere
06/07/14 4:27 am

Not only no but hell fûcking shît no.

Is there anything people don't want to sign over to the government? I'm just aghast at this. Do you people not realize the type of precedents that would be set if we did this sort of thing?

ImNotTony asks...
06/07/14 4:25 am

How the hell would I know. I'm not the weather man any more than I'm tony, or Obama.

06/07/14 4:18 am

It takes a community to help in that situation not government.

pateach2 love my son
06/07/14 4:13 am

I think when were born out procreating parts should be "turned off" somehow. Then to be able to procreate you need to prove you're capable of raising a child. Don't argue with me, don't question me, don't even comment. This is a very very hard

pateach2 love my son
06/07/14 4:13 am

Subject for me. I see WAY too many kids in horrible home life situations.

06/07/14 5:09 am

I agree with you 100%, it's sad that some people just have kids to get welfare money or to trap someone into paying child, or the parents who abuse their kids are just sick and wrong. So doing something like this would be great.

06/07/14 7:05 pm

And you might as well attribute every other catastrophe and crime to him as well, as he's God and has the power to stop it.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 3:38 am

Government education camps? Great idea...

angstanon San Diego, CA
06/07/14 7:16 am

Meanwhile, in Sunday Schools across the nation...

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 7:18 am

What's that supposed to mean?

angstanon San Diego, CA
06/07/14 7:47 am

By "government camp" (school?) I believe you mean some institutional indoctrination of children before the age of reason or age of consent in order to form a certain mind set. You know, like parents do to their kids every Sunday.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 7:52 am

Wow. You must really love government education centers to make that comparison.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 8:09 am

If more people loved Jesus, there would be no need for a government education camp for parents.

06/07/14 8:31 am

How so? I don't see how loving a particular person inadvertantly makes you a better person. How easy.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 8:38 am

Loving God makes you a better person.

06/07/14 8:41 am

I'm asking you how so. If I love my dog, with that make me a better person?

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 8:48 am

Because Jesus is the light. Your dog is not.

06/07/14 8:54 am

And if I love my ceiling fan? It doubles as a light, and fan. You still aren't addressing my original question.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 9:00 am

Actually, I did answer you. You're too busy making jokes. Which is ok but it's absurd to compare Jesus's light to a ceiling fan.

06/07/14 9:16 am

I disagree. In fact I would say a ceiling fan is more brilliant that Jesus, as I can actually see the light it emits. I'm not joking, and if I'm offending you than I apologize. I just think it's illogical to believe the mere act of loving someone

06/07/14 9:16 am

makes you a better person at all.

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 9:19 am

You can't offend me. You know not of what you speak. A ceiling fan... Good one!

06/07/14 9:23 am

An explanation would be appreciated, seeing as I've used fact it's would be nice for you to do the same

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 9:27 am

A ceiling fan is not comparable to God's love.

06/07/14 9:33 am

That wasn't the issue at hand. Why does loving God (And/or Jesus) make one a better person? Are those who do not considered horrible people? Are all those that do perfect? Instead of a blind devotion to something that may or may not exist, could we

06/07/14 9:34 am

judge a person based off of their actions, character and behaviors?

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 9:40 am

Then I don't know why you brought up your ceiling fan when it wasn't the issue. I'm just saying that if a child has good parents, there's no need for government education camp for them. Loving Jesus is a good start. The ceiling fan won't help you.

06/07/14 12:24 pm

Holy crap it's not hard to explain. What he means is that "loving God" includes adhering to principles of love, kindness, charity, and good-will. So hopefully someone who claims to love Jesus will be trying to become a better person.

06/07/14 12:26 pm

And of course many people try to be good without a specific belief in Jesus, good people are not exclusively found in Sunday school or anywhere else.

06/07/14 1:35 pm

Then why could he not of said that? I'm sure there are those that worship Allah (if you think they are separate figures), Buddha, or nothing and still adhere to basic human concepts you've described

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 6:57 pm

I don't know why it was so hard to get either. And Jesus wasn't a murdering child rapist like Mohammad was. So we can't really trust Muslims.

06/07/14 7:02 pm

Here's the distinction: I said Allah, which is not Mohammed. If Jesus is God, which is what you've said, then he is thousands of times worse than Mohammed. Drowning almost all life on Earth for the sins of the few, burning cities to the ground

cowboy Proud Father
06/07/14 7:05 pm

Allah is just some shit a murdering child rapist made up. Allah is nothing but the ramblings of a madman.

06/07/14 7:51 pm

Allah is the Muslim rendition of God...

cowboy Proud Father
06/10/14 12:00 pm

Allah is a figment of a deranged madman and ordered the slaughter of everyone that disagreed with his ramblings. I guess it's no surprise that Mohammad liked to fuck children to. I mean why not? He already murdered, raped, stole, and tortured people.

06/10/14 12:28 pm

Do you accept that Jesus and God are also murderous?

cowboy Proud Father
06/10/14 12:34 pm

Who did Jesus kill? Nobody? Ok. And he didn't fuck nine year old girls like Mohammad did, did he? No? Ok. Glad we got that straight.

cowboy Proud Father
06/10/14 12:36 pm

God didn't order Jesus to kill everyone that didn't believe him, did he? No? Ok.

06/10/14 12:42 pm

Jesus himself may not of killed people, but God certainly has. Millions. And according to Christianity, Jesus IS God, therefore Jesus is a mass murderer.

cowboy Proud Father
06/10/14 1:08 pm

No. Mohammad was. And he was a pedophile.

06/10/14 1:12 pm

Oh my god, it's like I'm talking to a brick wall.

cowboy Proud Father
06/11/14 9:39 am

You can't change the truth to fit your misguided world view.

caraglv Las Vegas
06/07/14 12:35 am

I work with children in foster care and do therapeutic visits with these children and their parent(s). The children are in foster care usually because of neglect, abuse, etc. Parenting classes DO NOT work for many reasons. Each situation is unique

caraglv Las Vegas
06/07/14 12:39 am

And cannot be addressed through classes. Often the issue is a result of a bigger problem:drug use, financial hardship, domestic violence, mental illness, single parent household, multigenerational abuse. These can't be fixed in a parenting class.

tdaddy Kentucky
06/07/14 2:14 am

Keep sending them back. Some parents just don't care, so if you force them to be good parents eventually you'll be able to file criminal charges. At the very least, if you're lucky, criminal charges may help them realize they should stop having kids.

caraglv Las Vegas
06/08/14 10:54 pm

Unfortunately they keep having more children. I have many cases where all the children are in DFS custody and the mom keeps having more. I see a family of 11 kids in 7 different foster homes (and 2 in homes for youth sex offenders). Not unusual.

06/07/14 12:03 am

Who makes the judgement if a child is being affected by poor parenting?The child?Who is better positioned than the child. Therefore,according to a majority of teenagers, their parents poor parenting of no allowance, grounding, etc. is affecting them.