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Show Of Hands January 12th, 2013 12:00am

CBS has banned CNET (which it owns) from reviewing any Dish Network products, citing a disagreement over Dish's commercial skipping technology. Good business decision (i.e. don't praise the enemy) or a bad one (i.e. hurts journalistic integrity)?

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01/12/13 10:29 am

Oh my god. I love the "facts" on the Internet. Lol. Some whacko writes a blog post and other whack jobs use it as "fact" that they are "right.". Lol

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/14/13 11:08 am

For what it is with, CNET has always been kind of a joke. Their reviews are worthless. I find more vale in Amazon feedback ratings.

acavemand The Burgh
01/12/13 10:55 am

Oh. Stupid letter N. Making me look stupid. So then I support ABC and Disney I guess. Whatever the point is I try to give as little support to the major "news" companies like CNN, Fox, etc. as possible. Because they all suck politician's dicks.

BriD Illinois
01/12/13 9:20 am

Um think there will still be plenty of "reality" shows...

smacc DunningKruger
01/12/13 11:52 pm

Isn't this an example of corporations controlling media? I understand they own it and it is their right run it as they wish but, why should I now trust it now?

Diogenes FreeMeBe
01/12/13 1:12 pm

Need more info. PKD actually wrote more than one book.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
01/14/13 11:18 am

I used to love cnet. Lately it is just garbage.

gonzoboy Arizona
01/12/13 1:15 pm

@Who...Me?, I don't think @TopsQueen said she cares about commercials, or that she wants to watch 'em. She's jus' statin' the truth, why they exist. I'm with ya, though, on skipping through em'! I like your website idea. Even the commercials they "allow" you to skip, you have to watch part of. ????

01/12/13 4:55 pm

Banning them from making reviews is the right move. It would breach journalistic integrity if they gave false bad reviews.

iTeach Mos Eisley
01/12/13 9:34 pm

If by no one you mean over 14 million of us, you're right.

acavemand The Burgh
01/12/13 11:36 am

If you're asking me then I'm not sure. Praising Foxnews is a dangerous process and should only be done by professional bull-sh!tters such as the fine men and women at Foxnews. I think part of my soul was burned in the process.

01/12/13 8:31 am

The real bad biz decision is dish coming out with this product! They're already losing networks... Introducing a new feature that inhibits networks from effectively advertising isn't a good negotiating tactic lol

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/13/13 1:05 am

It doesn't stop anyone from skipping commercials though. With many other companies, you can fast forward. And you can always switch channels until the program returns. Bad business in my opinion.

bleumana pdx
01/12/13 2:00 pm

It's already beyond that point.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/12/13 12:08 pm

From what I have seen most TV news simply omits facts that don't support their narrative. In a way you could even say that is what NBC did with the Zimmerman 911 tape: they skipped parts that they did not want their audience to hear. Internet blogs are often flat out wrong. There is no comparison.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
01/12/13 10:24 am

And that sucks because it makes people turn to the Internet when looking for news and the Internet just has little bits of truth shoved into tons of bs stories :(

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/12/13 12:25 pm

Who cares! I don't want to watch them. I don't have Dish, but I do record the shoe and skip the commercials. If they really want people to watch commercials, just make shows available on the network website 1 day prior to air. You are forced to watch commercials there.

rangeman Lafayette IN.
01/13/13 9:20 am

News ended when they pulled Walter Cronkite.

susanr Colorado
01/12/13 3:01 pm

It's a DUMB decision. Sure, they have the right to do it, since they own the website. But the more widely this is known the less they'll be respected. There is SOME journalistic integrity left, regardless of what some people are saying here, but they reduce it further by making decisions like this.

susanr Colorado
01/12/13 7:50 pm

Now there's a different perspective... I think I like it (even though it's not how I voted). I'd buy it if they had a published policy about it - in general, about the sort of things they don't review - if that could be done; not sure it actually makes sense.

acavemand The Burgh
01/12/13 10:43 am

I don't even watch the news. I might be wrong about this but I think NBC owns ESPN. So I support them everyday I guess. But I live in an area where you're either a hardcore republican or a moderate democrat. My republican friends were the inspiration behind that post. They live and breath Foxnews.

01/12/13 7:43 am

They didn't say it was a channel.

01/12/13 10:49 am

Anyone remember the name of the Philip K Dick novel?

chile safer than congress
01/12/13 11:38 pm

I do exactly what CBS or my Rice Crispies tell me to do.

01/12/13 10:51 am

ESPN is owned by ABC. Which is owned by Disney.

kirilyn College Town
01/12/13 1:09 pm

just need to see what my User name is

Bekka Just relaxing...
01/12/13 11:01 am

How did you say that with a straight face?

01/16/13 6:17 pm

I didn't even know CBS owned CNET?!?

01/12/13 1:29 pm

"the truth has no agenda" we need a news organization that uses this as they're moto...oh wait :)

01/13/13 11:47 am

Wow, 14 million out of more than 300 million in our country! Solid ratio.

iTeach Mos Eisley
01/12/13 9:39 pm

That's a sad statement about America.

TruthWizard south Indy
01/12/13 9:40 am

Even fon a businessman point of view their customers aren't going to be happy about this. They'll regret it in sure

tdaddy Kentucky
01/12/13 11:24 am

Doesn't matter to me, I still use cable.

timeout Boston Strong
01/12/13 11:26 am

It's the Internet, they can have them say anything they want. They own it...

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/13/13 1:08 am

I get why they did it, but it seems far too controlling.

01/12/13 11:45 am

Journalistic integrity of product reviews? It says they aren't reviewing then, not releasing false reviews to make them look terrible.