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fixitlater November 4th, 2013 2:16am

I was raised thinking half of your life will be hell and the other half great. Half your life handsome/beautiful the other half less than that. Anyone else told that? I was also told I will die when I am 62. Those people were:

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comppete Las Vegas
11/03/13 11:13 pm

Worse than jackrabbits. Life is what you make it!

fixitlater My Life
11/04/13 12:44 pm

I didn't want to be too dramatic. Not hypothetical.

comppete Las Vegas
11/04/13 1:49 pm

I do know the feeling. I have posted before, that my mom and aunt thought I was most likely to end up in jail.

fixitlater My Life
11/04/13 2:43 pm

The last month that hit before I turned 18 my mom and grandmother threw me out because that was the last time they could collect welfare/child support. Luckily I found the Army.

comppete Las Vegas
11/04/13 2:48 pm

I left on my own at 16. My mom was on welfare also, since I was 3. But I got past all if that. Like I mentioned earlier, Life is what I made it.

fixitlater My Life
11/04/13 3:10 pm

I have been in Philly since I left the army. I have not been back except once in 20 years. I stay in touch just enough so they can see I am doing well while they still struggle to get by. Not really "revenge" but it feels good to see them struggle.

Ebola1 Florida
11/03/13 7:45 pm

What people?