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willthehuman November 2nd, 2013 4:21am

Human nature is: (A) A set internal thing for all humans that helps guide our actions. (Nature guides actions). Or, is it: (B) A more fluid and individualistic thing that is a direct result of our actions. (Action determines nature)

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GeneralDevin MN
11/02/13 12:08 am

To me A. is human nature and B. is morality.

MisterE Conservistan
11/01/13 9:57 pm

If you put people in certain positions, they will almost always act in there best interests.

idklolomg123 LALA Land
11/01/13 9:42 pm

The question is seems fine to me. Even though I like to think before I act, most of the people I meet shape up their nature by the things they do.

willthehuman Suburbia
11/01/13 9:22 pm

Yeah it's worded a little weirdly. Ask me if you have any questions.