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goodbye March 31st, 2013 2:16pm

What do you think of former president George W. Bush's newfound interest in painting dogs?

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03/31/13 5:03 pm

Funny, the media won't allow him to have a hobby without trying to dig something up... Do they really believe people are that shallow to pick apart a hobby? I guess their so use to find something to blame him for they are now brainless..

synthetik Bay Area, CA
03/31/13 9:21 am

There needs to be a option for hilarious!!

03/31/13 9:15 am

Several media sources are looking for hidden meanings in the paintings, like is W painting himself as a dog? What do they say about Iraq? The paintings are a bit creepy, but I doubt there's anything more to them than just paintings of dogs.

03/31/13 10:35 am

Haha yeah...I'm pretty sure he just likes painting dogs and that's it

susanr Colorado
03/31/13 6:24 pm

Not all the paintings are of dogs. I agree that the subjects & renditions don't have hidden meaning. I think he's just having fun and learning something.

03/31/13 9:06 am

Haha I think it's a very specific hobby, but whatever floats his boat is fine with me!

susanr Colorado
03/31/13 8:37 am

I'd actually wondered recently what he's up to these days. I had no idea this was it... So I just read a piece in Salon that is sort of a tongue-in-cheek review of the paintings. What do I think about his *interest* in painting dogs? I guess I'm just glad that he's found a peaceful way to spend...

susanr Colorado
03/31/13 8:40 am

some post-Presidential years.

Frankly, the paintings of his that most intrigue me are the two of himself in the bathroom. The perspective is... A bit strange. Makes me wonder if there are some clues in there about how his brain functioned during his days as 43.

03/31/13 5:05 pm

Could have been there was a mirror in the bathroom and he was just practicing :)

susanr Colorado
03/31/13 6:28 pm

One of the paintings actually includes his face in a mirror, in the shower. The body is visible from the back, as well. The body & the mirror's image aren't lined up as they would be in reality and the musculature of the back is.. odd. I Imagine it's just inexperience, but the mirror think...

susanr Colorado
03/31/13 6:30 pm

...(*thing, rather) is disconcerting enough to be interesting. I'm sort of looking forward to seeing more things he paints, to see which way that goes - more correct perspective, or more surreal. (I'm hoping for surreal.)