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zimmy June 12th, 2018 10:34am

Whether a deal is made or not, the meeting and talking with NK is a good thing, and Trump does deserve credit for it.

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DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
06/12/18 10:23 am

No, Kim deserves credit for it. Who offered to meet? It was Kim. All Trump had to do was say okay.

smadison Wisconsin
06/12/18 8:46 am

He does, but I’m still very skeptical. I don’t trust North Korea. When you’re a dictator who tells its people that you’re a god you don’t change and suddenly decide to care about your people. His nuclear program gave him global political power and recognition, which is what he wanted, and now Trump wants to remove US troops from SK? Sounds like a grand scheme by NK.

Ter04 Jersey
06/12/18 6:37 am

He does deserve some credit, but I think the SK prime minister 이낙연 also should be credited. My only wish is that this does not turn out to appease NK in anyway.

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 5:31 am

He does deserve credit. He made the effort to reach out to Kim. I hope it works out.

xxxceo Nationalist
06/12/18 4:02 am

Well done, Zimmy.

06/12/18 3:56 am

And I’m impressed that you’d say so.

smartfart Florida
06/12/18 3:42 am

I’ve always given him credit for trying, but this seems to be going in reverse order. Usually we have a ton of low level meetings to come up with an agreement & concessions to meet with the president. This time, it seems like they got their prestigious meeting with the president we’ve given up war games for the promise of meetings with lower level officials.

smartfart Florida
06/12/18 4:09 am

Next we’ll hear him saying that he looked into his eyes & trusts him...because that has worked before.
At the end: Trump pledges to end 'war games' on Korean Peninsula
(via POLITICO for iOS)

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 5:32 am

They had lower level meeting.

smartfart Florida
06/12/18 5:38 am

So, that would mean that Trump is the closer. What happened to finalizing the deal? Basically, he gave up war games (without discussing it with South Korea or even notifying them beforehand) in exchange for a photo op.
Trump Gives Kim Major Concession at Summit and Got a Photo-Op in

commonman1 Peace
06/12/18 6:12 am

Wow Kim pledged to give up his nuclear program and you think Trump gave away the farm with pledging to stop war exercises? Some would see this as a compromise.

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 6:23 am

How do you know the administration never discussed halting the war games? He has people you know?

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
06/12/18 6:27 am

Nobody knows what “really happened”.

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 6:34 am

CC, Smartfart does!

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
06/12/18 6:43 am

@kscott was right. This was a done deal before what we all saw yesterday.

smartfart Florida
06/12/18 8:30 am

There was a signed memo & an hour long press conference. I’m going by what we know. If Kim handed Trump the key to his nuclear missile cabinet, don’t you think Trump would be waving it around?
If the deal was done before (as they usually are before the big fish sit together) & Trump agreed to this, he probably should have prepared a bit more or sent it the way of the Iran deal.

rons Thanks America
06/12/18 8:34 am

What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

smartfart Florida
06/12/18 9:06 am

I don’t really know what that means.
The things I know are that Trump said in the press conference that the war games would stop (without consulting or notifying South Korea first, apparently). The war games usually happen every 6 months.
Kim says he will denuclearize, but it will take a while to dismantle a program that has been built up for 50 years. So, we are screwing an ally (again) to trust a dictator that has agreed to denuclearize for the 12th time in the last 16 years.