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ScenarioNations November 6th, 2017 4:38am

2092: After the USSR bombed the nation of SWRA, killing many, China has provided relief efforts. It now proposes to annex Equatorial Guinea (SRWA) in order to continue help it rebuild and prevent any future attacks. Does Equatorial Guinea join China?

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ScenarioNations California
11/05/17 9:47 pm

Background: SRWA is a Socialist West African Republic which is a vassal of the USSR. Russia began mass bombings of SRWA after Marxist rebels did various bombings in Africa and Europe. Russia began a mass bombing in the small nation which killed millions and caused many to flee. Some still remain in the lands. SRWA as a nation has nuked the ocean, allegedly sold various nations chemical and biological weapons, and backed terroristic attacks in both Africa and Russia. China has colonies in Africa and has began annexations. China claims it's motives are empathetic and for the well being of the people's in Africa, while others question their intents.

11/05/17 11:17 pm

The nation of China believes that through Annexation, the people of Africa will benefit greatly. Not only will efforts to rebuild continue more easily, they will be offered the same opportunities, rights, and protection that all Chinese citizens enjoy. As well, the Chinese Government can ensure that the events leading up to this attack will not be repeated and that globally relations will improve and make life easier. With China's advanced Economy, Military, and Scientific efforts the people of Africa will find thier lives vastly improved and fear of attacks for past government actions, a thing of the past.

11/06/17 4:34 am

When You cost a whole nation some of its aids because you like being scum. I warned you my dude.