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dancemagikk July 4th, 2013 3:05am

Have you ever turned on a ceiling fan and discovered that it was covered with dust?

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MrsLizT South Louisiana
07/04/13 5:52 am

Ugh! Yes! Light & fan switch together and I hit the wrong one in the spare bedroom. It had been sitting forever. Holy crap, it was awful. What a mess! I had gone in to clean it for guests-believe me, it got the super clean job after that!

kelsey498 Colorado
07/03/13 9:07 pm

I've only ever had ceiling fans in a college apartment in Texas. Those things were used nonstop lol

07/03/13 8:26 pm

Have you been in my house? Actually mine get dusty from use, I vacuum them monthly

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 8:11 pm

No, but of I did turn mine on, I'm sure I'd find that to be true. I don't think I've used it in 2 years.

07/03/13 8:11 pm

Really! If I had a ceiling fan I would use it all summer long.

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 8:15 pm

It just hasn't gotten that hit in my bedroom. I have a "garden level" apartment, meaning it's partly underground. Stays pretty moderate. I only used the A/C in the living room about 2 days all last summer & none yet this year either.

07/03/13 8:18 pm

My bedroom is on the top floor. Meaning it is ridiculously hot and humid.

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 11:09 pm

Even in Vermont? Wow. I imagine the upstairs apartments here are hotter in summer & colder in winter. I'm glad I'm where I am. The only thing I don't like is that I don't have a real balcony - sort of a sunken-pit "patio."

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/03/13 8:06 pm

No ceiling fan here wind off the Pacific ocean does the trick.