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Ritter97 April 11th, 2016 10:57pm

Is Opening Day a big deal where you live?

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04/11/16 5:33 pm

Yes. I don't care about it.

Idahologger up north
04/11/16 4:42 pm

Opening day for what?

Ritter97 St. Louis, MO
04/11/16 4:31 pm

It's like a holiday over here in St. Louis

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
04/11/16 4:23 pm

It's still huge here in Cincy. Practically half the city takes off work.

susanr Colorado
04/11/16 4:19 pm

No, not in Fort Collins. I don't even know if it is a big thing in Denver, but we're an hour north of there anyway.

It sure was when I lived in Cincinnati, though!

lcamino Florida and Georgia
04/11/16 4:06 pm

Opening day of deer season is.