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Posco December 16th, 2015 4:26am

I'll be spending my graduation weekend in LA and SanFran with my sister but we have no actual plans. What would you recommend?

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313toDMV Dmv
12/17/15 5:41 am

Try some edibles your on vacation...

12/16/15 8:13 pm

In the City; Coit Tower, North beach, art Museums in Golden Gate park, if you have time go to San Jose and go to the Winchester house.

LA; Venice, Santa Monica, Queen Mary in Long Beach, Go south on PCH to Laguna Beach, J Paul Getty Art museum in Malibu (ya gotta make reservations), I wouldn't bother with the amusement parks.. Way too much money. You can get Surfing lessons in Huntington Beach, if you have time head north and go to Hurst Castle... So much to do...

Diogenes FreeMeBe
12/16/15 6:44 pm

Go pick a fight in the tenderloin district.

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/16/15 4:33 pm

How about a wine country tour? A driver can take you from one vineyard to the next and enjoy the samples.

crazyjane New Jersey
12/16/15 1:41 pm

Venice beach, santa monica, beverly hills, comedy show at the laugh factory on the sunset strip

12/16/15 11:09 am

Ride every cable car!!!!

12/16/15 8:30 am

LA, no idea. SF - Fisherman's Warf - any seafood restaurant - go crazy!!

12/16/15 5:12 am

Congratulations. What do you like to do? Venice beach is always interesting.

imanag My heaven on Earth
12/15/15 9:45 pm

Go to Seal Beach, CA and take a casual walk down Main St. Visit some cool local shops. Get a baja fish taco at Taco Surf and enjoy your day.