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Cole12 December 15th, 2015 7:37pm

A satanist buys or rents a plot of land in your area. They put up a statue on the property that abides by all local regulations. The statue is very visible - everyone in the area can see it. Should the government force the group to remove the statue?

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susanr Colorado
12/16/15 5:55 pm

"abides by all local regulations"

I'm not understanding why "the government" would have any reason to force them to remove it.

ButchBrewBaker Pennsyltuckey
12/16/15 4:14 am

Are you surprised by the results of the poll? Were you expecting a different result? Just curious.

FrenchFrye Chicago
12/15/15 8:28 pm

"You put up a legal statue on private land. Can the government take it down" of course not

singkitty In the cloud
12/16/15 5:39 am

Why should it matter. It meets all the city codes and is breaking no laws according to the question.

bliggs Veni Vidi Vigor
12/15/15 6:43 pm

I could really care less what religion it is. I think it's all ridiculous anyways so by all means, knock yourself out!

12/15/15 3:38 pm

They are free to do as they wish on their land.

thornman13 Indiana
12/15/15 1:15 pm

It's there land. They can do whatever they want, unless it involuntarily affects someone or their property.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/15/15 12:52 pm

Nope. Getting upset about that would be like getting mad over an angel statue

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
12/15/15 12:42 pm

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Cole12 ...
12/15/15 12:44 pm

I don't have a problem with people erecting crosses in their yards, but I do have a problem with the light.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
12/15/15 1:45 pm

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Rosebud Ohio
12/15/15 12:40 pm

It follows all the rules. They have no grounds to do so.

Cole12 ...
12/15/15 12:42 pm

Some symbol that's important to them. Maybe the Devil, maybe Baphomet, whatever.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
12/15/15 12:38 pm

Nope. They aren't breaking any laws.