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AnarchoComrade July 31st, 2015 4:48pm

The Greek bailout, like the Treaty of Versailles, is a punishment to the people of Greece. There is also a increasing support of the Greek Nazi party, Golden Dawn, which has seen a 6.7% rise in the past year alone. Is history repeating itself?

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skinner Jersey City
08/01/15 5:16 am

No, the Greek bailout is not a punitive measure. The Greek bailout, as agreed to by the far-left Athens government, is designed to allow Greece reduce it's debts. The Treaty of Versailles was designed, at least in part, to install new debt on Germany

PresWK Minnesota
07/31/15 10:07 pm

Except lazy Greeks can't do shit unlike the Germanic people

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
07/31/15 4:13 pm

Greece earned its punishment by agreeing to a plan, walking away from it, agreeing to a plan, walking away from it and putting it to a vote while telling people to vote against the plan for political gain...

knetzere Illinois
07/31/15 3:24 pm

I don't think the Greeks have the resources nor the manufacturing ability to make any kind of move

NotACrook The Watergate Hotel
07/31/15 12:15 pm

I blame the overspending of the Greek government

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 9:53 am

Very possibly.
Thankfully the Greeks make lousy tanks.