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crazyjane March 21st, 2015 5:44am

Have you ever watched the HBO show True Blood?

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Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
03/21/15 7:29 am

I watched all of it a few months ago. It was okay but definitely not on my list of favorite shows.

rickvee Living the dream
03/21/15 6:00 am

Every single episode and I have all 7 seasons on dvd. Even the crappy 2nd and 7th seasons :P

03/21/15 5:28 am

Yes, I liked it but haven't watched in years.

typetype level 2 pretty
03/21/15 4:14 am

Was my most favoritest show for several summers. Can't believe my sister and my dad would watch together. 😫 Awkward!!!