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luna4 March 15th, 2015 7:29am

You check out at a store and as you get to your car you realize they charged you the wrong amount. If you go back in you could at least get $5 back. Do you go back in to tell them their mistake or do you let it go?

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catpillow Florida West Coast
03/15/15 5:38 am

I'll go back if it's going to be quick and uncomplicated to correct the error, but I'll let it go if it means a long wait in line.

03/15/15 3:54 am

One black friday my husband got two carpet shampooers for me, not knowing which one i wanted. At the time he didnt realize but was only charged for one. At home we realized it and he went to take back the unwanted one. The person said there wasnt

03/15/15 3:56 am

A button on his register for returning an item that was not charged for. My husband smiled, left the shampooer and walked away. I suppose the young man figured it out.

luna4 Wisconsin
03/16/15 11:38 am

That's crazy, never thought of that happening!

Rotavele Alabama
03/15/15 3:34 am

That's 5 more dollars they're going to use towards the CEOs solid gold fountain!