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imanag February 12th, 2014 4:01am

Have you (or your children) ever been bullied by a teacher?

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02/11/14 11:24 pm

Well my geometry teacher did harass me if that counts

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/11/14 11:00 pm

Me, but more passive aggressive than the horror stories I've heard and read about. Particularly my middle school gym teachers. The kids were worse though.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 11:06 pm

Middle school is a tough gig! Somehow most of us make it out okay. I don't know how.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
02/11/14 11:34 pm

I don't know how people survive college! That seems like a tough gig to me. Barely made it out of high school alive. Middle school was the worst with teachers but high school was awful when it came to other kids.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/11/14 9:32 pm

I don't stand for being bullied, and it won't happen to my children by an adult. If you bully them, you bully me. (see first sentence).

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:31 pm

I had a meeting with my son's school support team yesterday. He was threatened and via him, me. He has a 504 plan, but our new school doesn't seem content with it. Since his 7th day here, I've been asked if I've had him tested for special ed, would I

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:34 pm

Test him again, & would I place him in special ed?. He has depression, anxiety, & AD/HD; so he's no picnic, but as a former special ed teacher, I know that he doesn't need an IEP. Yesterday, I was toke that the "team" wanted him tested.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:37 pm

I told them no, not until he's had time to adjust & since I know my rights, I know that I don't have to sign anything. His psych said no, too. Didn't stop them from sending him to detention again today when he wasn't writing.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:41 pm

With multiple suspensions and lack of privileges primarily. I was told in my meeting that his permanent record would start getting marked and I should plan on it. His 504 is supposed to protect him. I plan to let the right people know that it will.

political Georgia
02/11/14 10:44 pm

I have heard that some schools don't do a very good job of recognizing 504 plans. Did he not qualify for special-ed in a previous year?

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 11:05 pm

He didn't. Academically, he's gifted. He didn't have any behavior issues in NC except for an anxiety attack every other year or so and being unable to sit for too long at a stretch. They'd have to classify my 11 yr old as emotionally disturbed.

comppete Las Vegas
02/11/14 9:29 pm

One of my Daughter's teachers tried to bully me once. She tried to get me to back down from trying to keep my daughter in an all AP class. Well, she was not successful and she was brought to tears after I was done.

hurdleturtle California
02/11/14 10:25 pm

You're proud of bringing a woman to tears?

Handstand .
02/11/14 10:33 pm

Hurdle- if the woman is a bully, there's no shame in taking her to tears.

comppete Las Vegas
02/11/14 11:15 pm

I'm not proud of it. It's simply a fact. I respect teachers, but when they get condescending towards parents and act like they know better what is good for my child, then courtesy goes out the window. There are times when you have to demand respect.

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
02/11/14 9:05 pm


My parents complained on my behalf along with other parents whose children were being bullied. She didn't come back after the school year was over.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 9:09 pm

I'm sorry you had to go through that, but glad your parents & others took a stand! That's where I'm at. I'm the parent advocating for my son. I have a feeling we're in for a tough fight, but we're gonna see this through.

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
02/11/14 9:13 pm

Good luck.

(I've shared this poll with my followers.)

political Georgia
02/11/14 9:21 pm

I would not call my 1st grade teacher a bully. She was just an awful teacher. I cried almost every day for the last 2-3 months in that class. She made me uncomfortable. My grandma would always walk me to school until one day she met us out front

political Georgia
02/11/14 9:22 pm

...and basically dragged me inside the classroom. I was so mad with her, but all I could do was cry. It got to the point I hated going their so much I would tell my grandma to call my other grandma to make sure she picked me up. Lol My grandma

political Georgia
02/11/14 9:23 pm

..would wait outside an hour sometimes because I was worried to death to be their. I could not ask for any better grandma's. That was my last year at that school.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:26 pm

Wow, political, I'm glad you had such good support from your grandmothers. Family makes a difference.

political Georgia
02/11/14 10:29 pm

Yeah! I don't know what triggered me to be so sensitive because I know have thick-skin. The teachers didn't have much personality, but that should not have caused me to be so upset.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:39 pm

When you're in first grade and you encounter such a mean adult and you're accustomed to people being nice, I'd say its normal. Maybe that's where you started to develop that thick skin?

political Georgia
02/11/14 10:40 pm

I developed it more during my 4th grade year because I had a mean baseball coach.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/11/14 10:42 pm

Oh yeah, that'll do it too.