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Derpalicious February 3rd, 2014 5:57am

Have you ever ordered something from an infomercial?

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MissN The Experiment
02/03/14 7:47 pm

Pro-form Coremaster, and it actually worked! ..but more as an extra seat/clothes rack.

FemmeAdamWest in the Tardis library
02/03/14 9:58 am

No, but I've wanted too, I'm one of those people where they can talk me into things I don't really want or need!

Derpalicious We are not our failures
02/03/14 5:13 pm

My sister is that way, if she watches it too long lol

jvc1133 61535
02/03/14 8:01 am

Interested I'll go on internet

Derpalicious We are not our failures
02/03/14 8:21 am

So you won't directly call, you'll look into it more via Internet?

jvc1133 61535
02/03/14 8:37 am

Yes, in one case found same on Amazon less cost

02/03/14 12:08 am

no, but I've watched parodies of infomercials

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/02/14 11:27 pm

Sort of. About the same time I got an ad in the mail for 23andme there was an ad for it on TV. I learned a little more about it from one of my favorite people here, decided it was legit, and ordered the genetic test they sell. Worth every penny.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/03/14 10:09 am is a genetics testing service. For about $99 they send you a kit to provide a sample, then tell you a lot about you based on your genetic makeup. It's very cool. They are limited right now by the FDA, but their site is worth a look.

Derpalicious We are not our failures
02/03/14 5:14 pm

How interesting. I would have never even thought they'd do that!