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Show Of Hands July 20th, 2012 12:00am

Would you say that you have/had a great relationship with your parents?

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07/31/12 5:12 pm

I had a great relationship with both of my parents and now that they are deceased, I am very grateful for that.

blueyellow Texas
07/23/12 6:10 am

My mom and I do not have a good relationship but my dad and I are really close... So I said yes to be optimistic

HeloKelsey Illinois
07/23/12 1:51 am

Mom, yes. She's my hero. Dad is out of the picture, and also he's scum.

07/22/12 8:34 pm

I love my parents and family

dbrat East Coast
07/22/12 10:33 am

Both are gone. Dad yes, mom not so much for most of it but she died way to young -44, so we were cheated

07/22/12 8:03 am

Decent relationship with my dad. Not so much with my mom.

ahsu Ohio
07/21/12 9:16 pm

I love both of my parents. They always help me even when I don't want them to, and they raised me in a loving and healthy home. I wish 100% of families are this way, but unfortunately some people didn't get that benefit. Maybe those people will not make the same mistakes their parents did.

Johnnybravo New Jersey
07/21/12 6:14 pm

I love my mommy!!! Forget my so-called father. Was never there

07/21/12 1:21 pm

Father, stupid dirtbag who I hope lung cancer gets soon. Mother Meh.

Comet? Tennessee
07/21/12 8:49 am

I think one of the battery brands forced SoH to get the poll question out without its permission.

dadstad Texas
07/21/12 6:58 am

My parents meant the world to me. They are dead now and I miss them terribly everyday.

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
07/21/12 6:32 am

On the surface it would appear that we are close. But the real answer would be 'not so much'

07/21/12 6:27 am

I will be saying a lot of prayers for families after reading these posts! I have good relationships with both. Neither is perfect, but I am not either. We're all human. And, unfortunately there is not a training course for how to be a good parent.

one80 California
07/21/12 6:23 am

I love my parents. I'm lucky they care about me so much, maybe too much. A lot of people never have that.

07/21/12 6:07 am

Martyrs--too many martyrs. Big deal if your folks were drunk," emotionally unavailable" and mean-- pull up your britches and get over it. Had it not been for them-- you would not be here.

lou1 Washington
07/21/12 3:36 am

Both were distant emotionally during my childhood, both drank and smoked plenty of dope too... Now, they are still emotionally unavailable, just minus a lot of the substance abuse... I was close with my grandparents, who raised me, though.

liongrl1989 Louisiana
07/21/12 12:13 am

Parent(s) no. Parent yes, I have an amazing relationship with my mom, but not with my father so as the question is written I have to vote no...

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/21/12 12:00 am

Moms gone. Dad is still here physically. My kids didn't like my mom for the nasty way she treated me. My father beat me bloody a few times. No.

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
07/20/12 11:20 pm

*were not was. That's just bad english.

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
07/20/12 11:11 pm

There was two battery questions on here... Why are you delisting questions @Tony? Did you decide Duracell was America's choice? And that we are all to lazy to have brand loyalty?

melbart Texas
07/20/12 10:52 pm

Nope, never. I haven't figured out how to forgive them for being bad parents.

melbart Texas
07/20/12 10:52 pm

Nope, never. I haven't figured out how to forgive them for being bad parents.

PetePuma Oregon
07/20/12 10:16 pm

My childhood was rough. Dad was abusive, and Mom had an alcohol problem. As I became an adult myself, I realized it was O.K. that my parents weren't perfect, just human. I learned to forgive, and accept. I have a good relationship with them. They in their late 70's, and I refuse to be bitter.

pretorian Florida
07/20/12 10:10 pm

@early :
The new system also causes problems with the charger.
I love tech but it seems to be unrequited.
If I go awol again it probably isn't me - I am healthy with a blood pressure 110/70.
I'll check out the glitch tomorrow.

HPNerd Hogwarts
07/20/12 10:05 pm

^Same. Great relationship with my dad, horrible one with my mother.

AnnieM The Island
07/20/12 9:39 pm

Depends on which parent. For one I'd say I have a pretty good relationship (when we lived in the same area I'd have probably said "great") and the other, well, just no. Not good in any way shape or form.

Comet? Tennessee
07/20/12 9:34 pm

What happen with the battery brands?

EarlyBird Portland
07/20/12 9:01 pm

Prea- I was wondering about you. Welcome back )

pretorian Florida
07/20/12 8:50 pm

OT: Yes this is former Praetorian - I have been AWOL for a while because my iPod quit - I bought a Kindle and just now noticed it has SoH :)
The name is taken but it's still Praetorian - different package same content :)

Comet? Tennessee
07/20/12 8:19 pm

Good but have not seen them over a year.

ncbuc Get Over It
07/20/12 8:14 pm

I truly wish...but no. It's good and we all love each other immensely but i would not consider it 'great' unfortunately. I'm trying. Fly out to see dad next week.

blakestr San Diego
07/20/12 8:12 pm

The song "Dance" by Nas is a very good one. If u haven't heard it I would definitely suggest listening to it.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
07/20/12 7:53 pm

DEFINITELY with my MOM. However, that is an absolute no way with my dad.

BryanK OK
07/20/12 7:38 pm

They both bailed on me as a small child. I still live with my grandparents. How sorry.

14573 Scary Numbers
07/20/12 7:20 pm

Wow moms gettin all the love and dads gettin all the hate

07/20/12 6:39 pm

Republicans have better relationships with the parents, why?

07/20/12 6:11 pm

Yep- both severe alcoholics when I was growing up but they knew no better, we don't have much in common but I love them to death and I'm by far their favorite kid

07/20/12 5:56 pm

Both my parents are manipulative, abusive, selfish people. Can't wait till I turn 18.

suro New York
07/20/12 5:52 pm

With mom, yes; with dad- HELL NO!!