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JollyMan93 March 30th, 2013 8:06pm

Do you believe that it's actually harmful to society of all the technology that consumes us? (Never really have a chance to understand ones self, no privacy, anyone can reach you, etc.)

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Rob Be Safe Be Smart
03/30/13 1:14 pm

I think it's up to ones self to control their technology. Those that can not keep control will be the ones to suffer, where those that have control will use it to prosper and to their advantage.

nslam Texas
03/30/13 3:34 pm

I wonder about the amount of time that young people spend online. Our sense of self is in large part based on how we compare with other and our perceptions of what they think of us. If any of those appraisals are inaccurate, then our self-concept can be inaccurate.

03/30/13 1:42 pm

It depends what you make of it!

Steve6453 Michigan
03/30/13 6:03 pm

It does a lot of harm but the good thatit does out weighs it by far. We are much more productive and effecient and can talk to and learn from people so much easier, like right now