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Redwallr November 8th, 2017 5:54am

You will often hear around my college campus something along the lines of “hey if I die, no more exams.” Is this a worrisome thing to hear?

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SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
11/07/17 11:10 pm

I hear stuff like that all the time. No one actually does it, so it's whatever.

Alcerus fascist
11/08/17 2:04 am

Well...some people do. The people who joke about it are in high spirits though. If someone's actually going to kill themselves, they generally seclude themselves

Jazzy5 USA
11/08/17 5:09 am

Wow! If you kids die: It’s over.
This is not a cameo appearance!

Finny Conservative Lesbian
11/08/17 5:16 am

If your roomate dies you get free tuition in my college.


Redwallr hyrule
11/08/17 8:26 am

Really? That is interesting. Why? Because trauma or something?