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crazyjane May 30th, 2017 9:23pm

Have you seen the new Dirty Dancing made for TV movie? If yes, what did you think of it?

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crazyjane New Jersey
05/30/17 3:48 pm

I didn't mind it overall but didn't like the leads and parts of it were corny

Advil sc
05/30/17 3:31 pm

I heard that too. I won't waste my time.

05/30/17 4:11 pm

So, so bad. The acting, the actors, the music. They butchered it. Can't believe they thought it was worthy to be aired in public. The original dirty dancing people should have prohibited it. Tarnishes the good name.

crazyjane New Jersey
05/31/17 8:08 am

She was amazing!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
05/30/17 7:35 pm

I watched it. The beginning was really rough, but it did get better. It was not even close to comparing to the original. I enjoyed a couple of the nods to the original that they did. I thought it was interesting to see the story from a slightly different perspective... even though we were originally supposed to be seeing it Baby's perspective. They took some liberties and made some changes that I really did not think were true to the original, but some of the changes I appreciated, like The bond between Baby & Penny in this one.

I don't think the choreography was even remotely as good as Kenny Ortega's, but it was interesting. I was not thrilled with the casting of Johnny but he did grow on me throughout the movie.


gonzoboy Arizona
05/31/17 7:36 am

I didn't see it, but I DIG Nicole Scherzinger!

Carolynn new jersey
05/30/17 2:43 pm

I saw the last 45 min and it was awful.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/30/17 11:42 pm

It was ATROCIOUS. The acting was horrible, no one can dance like Swayze, they tried to turn it into a musical with Greenwood singing and playing the piano, and the ending, which was changed, was disappointing.

The best description I heard was a critic that said, "Someone needs to put Baby back in the corner!"


jmw7477 Indiana
05/30/17 5:07 pm

It wasn't very good. Bad casting.