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missmorganmarie ...
08/17/16 7:18 am

it's the same person 😂

08/17/16 12:23 am

Is it offensive to say they look the same?

GeneralDevin MN
08/16/16 10:36 pm

This man is Shinzo Abe. Shinzō Abe 安倍 晋三 Abe Shinzō, was born September 21, 1954, is the current Prime Minister of Japan, re-elected to the position in December 2012. Abe is also the President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

GeneralDevin MN
08/16/16 10:37 pm

For those of you wondering what this is, this is part of a a World Leader Wednesday poll I'm conducting. You look to see if you recognize the world leader in the photo poll then go back to my other poll and vote on whether you recognized him/her