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BigPhatPastor August 10th, 2016 2:12pm

For those that go/went to church as an adult, no longer under a parents directive to go, did you do so because you were invited or just went on your own? Invited by a parent counts as an invite if it was your choice. Asking for an upcoming talk.

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GlockMan1 Alabama
08/10/16 8:09 am

I go for the fellowship. All week long I am surrounded by atheists, agnostics, skeptics and scoffers. It is the one day of the week I can fellowship with other like minded believers who KNOW CHRIST just like I do.

08/10/16 12:14 pm

I go on my own when I get the chance because I want to. I'm less inclined when someone is forcing me or hassling me.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
08/10/16 8:25 am

I went on my own. My parents would take me to church up until I was about ten, then they sort of just stopped. I started going again a few weeks ago, right after I turned 18. I went on my own, just because I felt like I should. I'm glad I did, it's a wonderful community.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
08/10/16 7:19 am

The last time I went to church voluntarily as an adult was in basic training. It wasn't for anything spiritual or religious, it just gave me an hour of not being yelled at. Aside from weddings and funerals, I haven't gone back.

shoeless Texas
08/10/16 8:28 am

Great question. The sad part is the results show that far fewer people are being invited to church. Take this thought for a moment. If you hold the Christian belief that without a relationship with God, through Jesus, a person is ultimately doomed to hell after death. (I know a lot don't believe in this, but follow the thought). If you believe this whole heartedly, why would you not be actively and urgently inviting people to church? If you knew that inviting someone with cancer to a seminar would cure the cancer, you'd do so in a flash. Why is church different? Isn't the welfare of their soul for eternity more important than anything else we could imagine?

BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
08/10/16 7:56 am

Exact same reason I went during basic training lol