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garrry April 23rd, 2016 12:40am

If you are told your child has a mental disorder but as far as you've seen they're happy, healthy, and just have a few quirks. Do subject them to the stigma of mental illness and get them psychiatric care or do you try & let them live a normal life.

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EarlyBird Portland
04/22/16 6:09 pm

It would depend on who told me my son had a mental disorder. If it was a neighbor, I'd ignore it. If it was a doctor in mental health, I would learn about the illness and then make my decision. Children who don't receive treatment they need, are often the ones that shout up schools..

susanr Colorado
04/22/16 8:55 pm

I would get at least one more professional opinion, to start with.

832jewel Houston
04/23/16 11:43 am

Mental illness worsens with age, it's best to start helping them early

Brilliant10 Ioway
04/22/16 5:46 pm

It depends on the severity of the mental disorder

garrry Anchorite
04/22/16 5:56 pm

So I would never allow a young child of mine to undergo psychiatric care but I would start getting them treatment ASAP since many mental disorders have developmental issues. So in order to give them the best shot I'd seek education on parenting.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/22/16 6:01 pm

This suggests simply a budding eccentric which needs no treatment.

crazyjane New Jersey
04/27/16 9:19 am

Depends who tells me. If they seem reliable, I'd have an assessment done