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PamGH April 6th, 2016 9:14pm

Link to tragic story. Moral? If you need an organ transplant go ANYWHERE but New York! Ranked 50th out of 50 states where residents are organ donors. Couple that with a horridly broken system that amounts to torture instead of care.

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susanr Colorado
04/06/16 2:28 pm

I can't get to the story without signing up for something, or at least logging in with a method I don't want to use.

Is there another source for this story? I'm willing to accept the "50th place" part, only because *somebody* has to be at the bottom of any ranking like that, but I don't understand what the "torture" part is about, at all.

PamGH SW Washington
04/06/16 2:44 pm

Whoop..see above

jlong105 Indiana
04/06/16 3:30 pm

Reason number 543 not to go to NY

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
04/06/16 4:54 pm

NY is a toilet

htcbump Florida
04/06/16 8:35 pm

But Gov. Cuomo just banned all unnecessary travel to NC.

PamGH SW Washington
04/06/16 2:43 pm

Human development project waiting for a liver. Try googling that. The link worked for me w/o any sign up I don't know what happened. So sorry.