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Sheta June 2nd, 2014 1:35am

Do you secretly(or not so secretly) like children shows such as MLP and others made for younger audiences?

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Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/01/14 8:04 pm

Does it count twice that I have absolutely zero clue what MLP is? What were those creepy aliens with the kid in the sun?

musiman28 Cotton country
06/01/14 8:10 pm

The old school stuff I watched as a kid. The crap that comes on now, no way.

06/01/14 8:21 pm

MLP- My Little Pony, a common cartoon for people who are into adolescent stuff xD
And Teletubbies, I think

06/01/14 8:24 pm

The reason for this poll is that my younger brother, who is 3( I'm 17) has been infatuated with this show called Paw Patrol, about a bunch if puppies who save their town and I found it kinda cute xD