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    Have you ever wanted to ask a question to thousands of people? Have you ever wondered how different people around the country might answer the same question – or how you might stack up against them? Have you ever wished for a safe and fun environment to debate thoughtful (or trivial) political questions?

    Then join us! Come for the polls, and stay for the community!

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Question Everything

(Except our awesome features!)

Engaging Polls

Answer and ask questions. Polls range from funny and silly to highly political and thought-provoking. Question Everything! New, intriguing questions are added constantly and cover a wide range of topics.

Mobile Platform

Download on the device of your choosing. We support iOS 7+, Android 4.+, and Amazon Fire. If all those fail to meet your needs, you can use us on the web!

Diverse Community

Interact and debate with an active community of enthusiastic users. Offer your thoughts on a question and use rational arguments to challenge others and explore important issues together.



No one will ever know how you voted! If you love Justin Beiber, your secret is safe! Use the app anonymously to answer and ask questions without giving us any personal information.

Social Polling

Thoughtfully express your opinion and points of view. Grow your own following or debate with other users in the comments section– you might even make some lifetime friends!

Quantified Results

Broaden your perspective and gain interesting insights from poll results. The data is categorized by major demographics– age, gender, income, and more.

Perfect for any kind of question

Use Show of Hands to take a poll of the users

Ask & Answer fun and thought-provoking questions

Opinions are powerful little buggers – sometimes even more so than facts. Show of Hands is a fun and powerful way to peer into the brilliant and warped minds of people around the country.

Answer questions daily and see instant results sliced and diced by age, gender, income, party, geography, and more. Build a following and ask them your own questions. Win arguments, bets, and the admiration of millions.

You can also use Show of Hands with co-workers or customers, if you're all business-like that way. Whatever your goal, be smarter about it, champ.

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See poll results about things you've always wondered about

Do YOU have questions!? Have you ever been having drinks with friends-- or even just around the water cooler with coworkers-- and gotten their opinions and comments on something?

Do you ever feel like their vote is just plain wrong? (How could zombies NOT BE REAL?!) Or not telling the whole truth? (Please, everyone takes their phones into the bathroom.)

Build an anonymous Show of Hands following and publish your own polls to test if your opinion is in the majority! Ask your own questions about politics, ethics, pop-culture, humor, sports, health, election 2016, news-- or anything else your brain can think of!

Analysis Report

Poll responses broken down by different segments.


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Ask, answer, and comment on questions.

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Show of Hands: Politics

Show of Hands is a smart and fun community polling platform for people who love burning questions!

Answer new questions daily and see instant, real-time, anonymous results from fellow brilliant minds around the country. This information is broken down by age, religion, income, and more! (You can just think of us as your national level town hall.)

We're currently ramping up for election 2016 with polls surrounding politics and the issues our candidates are talking about. Come share your anonymous thoughts-- election 2016 is just around the corner! If you're not into politics, we have plenty of polls about other topics-- sandwiches, murder, puppies, relationships, the NBA Finals, and more! (What- we have a lot of interests!)

  • « Love this app. It's thought provoking and has made me chuckle more than a time or two seeing others responses. Now it's YOUR turn to stand up and have your hand counted. »

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  • « Another amazing update to an already incredible app! Show of Hands has been the most useful and entertaining application on my phone since I downloaded it nearly 3 years ago. I highly recommend it! »

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  • « Great app, fun to check out every once in awhile and see how people view different topics »

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  • « Great app. Very addicting. I probably use it as much as Facebook. Great if you are someone who likes to share their opinion. »

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We have hundreds of thousand of questions answers. Below are just some of the results!

Do you ever pee in the shower?

In relation to politics, did you know that more Libertarians pee in the shower then the other parties? Click on the header to find even more amazing stats!

Is the "American Dream" dead?

In relation to gender, did you know that more Women believe the "American Dream" is dead than men? Click on the header to find even more amazing stats!

More intresting results to come...